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Trans and Gender Diverse Health

Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service offers both a bulk billing General Practice and a low cost counselling service to the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community. We see a need for a safe, inclusive space for TGD to people to access quality general practitioner and well being services. We want to create this space with the community, to help reduce the barriers to the health and well being that TGD people deserve.

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Well, Well, Well (JOY 94.9)

For over 600 episodes, Well, Well, Well has been broadcasting on JOY 94.9 - Australia's out and proud community radio station.

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22 Dec 2017

VAC Newsletter - Summer 2017/2018

This issue of the VAC newsletter includes a recap of World AIDS Day 2017, the VAC Annual General Meeting, the recent outbreak of Meningococcal in Melbourne, community partnerships across Victoria, the summer events calendar, and the LGBTI people seeking asylum in Australia.

20 Nov 2017

2017 VAC Annual General Meeting

During this year's Annual General Meeting, Life Membership was awarded to:Emeritus Professor Anne Mitchell AO - for her extensive work in community development and as an adult educator with over twenty years of experience in the field of sexual health.Brian Price - for his leadership in the establishment of service models that are vital for people living with HIV and those at high risk of HIV infection.Associate Professor Ruth McNair - for her work as a clinician and researcher in lesbian and bisexual women’s mental health, sexual health, and cultural issues related to alcohol and smoking in LGBTI communities.In addition, we presented the following awards:President's Award: Human Rights Law Centre -The passionate staff of the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) work tirelessly to end LGBTI discrimination in the law and to protect and promote the rights of LGBTI people.Greig Friday Young Leader Award: Margot Fink - As one of the first members of our Trans and Gender Diverse Advisory Group, Margot provided key advice in establishing Equinox. She was also the former Head of Gender Diverse Projects for Minus18 and their communications coordinator when they were under attack by media scrutinising the Safe Schools program.Media Award: James Hancock - At the ABC, James has given voice to some of the marginalised communities we work with and raised the profile of critical gaps in LGBTI service provision and healthcare.Special Service Award: Associate Professor Edwina Wright - As an infectious diseases physician and clinical researcher at the Alfred Hospital and the Burnet Institute, Edwina has a strong interest in HIV-associated neurological disorders, and she is leading the PrEPX demonstration project.Special Service Award: Dean Arcuri - Radio presenter, photographer, journalist, performer — Dean wears several hats in our community and with a large portion of his work being on a volunteer basis, his tireless efforts have made our community a richer one.Special Service Award: Dimitri Christou - Initially volunteering in HIV peer support, Dimitri has engaged with almost every aspect of our volunteer program. With lived experience and a thorough understanding of HIV, he has turned his attention to HIV prevention roles.Special Service Award: Kelly McGowan - Since 2013, Kelly has provided invaluable support for World AIDS Day ribbons each year. Kelly and her team have produced over 30,000 red ribbons, nearly one year’s stock!We also released our 2016/2017 Annual Report featuring a collection of portraits featuring community members with 'if' statements that reflect on the discrimination and stigma faced by LGBTI people and PLHIV around the globe. You can check out the latest issue and previous annual reports here.

21 Sep 2017

VAC Newsletter - Spring 2017

With the marriage equality survey underway, our community is keeping incredibly active at the moment. This issue of the VAC newsletter looks at some of the ways we've been taking action and how you can look after your wellbeing. We also look back at our third annual Lesbian, Bisexual & Queer Women's Health Conference, co-presented with ACON, and look forward to the 25th Anniversary of the Victorian Red Ribbon in the lead up to World AIDS Day. There's plenty more in this edition so check it out!

19 Jun 2017

VAC launches Protocol for the Initiation of Hormone Therapy for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) is proud to release our Protocol for the Initiation of Hormone Therapy for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients, based on the informed consent model.Created by VAC for Equinox, the guide was designed and developed with rigorous community consultation to remove uneccesary barriers in accessing hormone therapies. This is the first publicly released clinical guidelines that were developed with and for the TGD community.Download the guide in the link below.

14 Mar 2017

VAC's Trans and Gender Diverse Advisory Group seeks expressions of interest

VAC would like to invite expressions of interest from trans and gender diverse community members who would like to join the VAC Trans & Gender Diverse Advisory Group for the period of 2017-2018.The Advisory Group will be established to support VAC by providing practical advice on the development and implementation of the VAC Trans & Gender Diverse Health Development Strategy and Action Plan.Download the expression of interest information below.

21 Feb 2017

VAC launches trans and gender diverse AOD reference guide

VAC is proud to launch a reference guide for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) service providers supporting the Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) community.Developed by VAC in partnership with VAADA, the guide is designed to support AOD services to provide safe and positive care and support to members of the TGD community who may benefit from residential AOD treatment services.Download the guide at the link below.

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