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Policy & Advocacy

Thorne Harbour Health works to advance the health and human rights of people from LGBTI+ communities and all people living with HIV — by developing policy, lobbying decision-makers, and forming strategic partnerships.

If you have any questions about Thorne Harbour Health’s policy and advocacy work, please contact: policy@thorneharbour.org

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Joint statement supporting a medically supervised injecting centre trial in Victoria

PDF 3.7 MB

Joint Statement Marriage Discrimination is Harmful to LGBTI Australians’ Health

PDF 3.7 MB

Plebiscite on Human Rights

PDF 220.1 KB

Preselection Quotas for LGBTI candidates

PDF 68.6 KB

VAC Response to TGA Self-testing

PDF 171.6 KB

Seventh National HIV Strategy 2014 - 2017

PDF 246.9 KB

Financial barriers to HIV treatment in Victoria

PDF 1019.7 KB

Rapid HIV testing

PDF 201.1 KB

Position Statement on PrEP

PDF 87.5 KB

2016 VIC State Budget Submission

PDF 466.7 KB

2017 VIC State Budget Submission

PDF 146.2 KB

Position Statement on HPV vaccination

PDF 91.3 KB

Joint Statement opposing the Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2017

PDF 686.4 KB

Position statement on marriage equality postal vote

PDF 165.7 KB

Position Statement on medicinal cannabis for PLHIV

PDF 124.1 KB

Position Statement on medically supervised injecting centres

PDF 142.2 KB

AFAO blueprint to end HIV in Australia

PDF 1.1 MB

Position Statement on drug decriminalisation

PDF 147.6 KB

Position Statement on voluntary assisted dying

PDF 119.9 KB

Position Statement on LQBTI Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

PDF 164.2 KB

2018 VIC State Budget Submission

PDF 319.6 KB


PDF 245.7 KB

Submission to the Religious Freedom Review

PDF 290.5 KB


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