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Well Well Well (JOY 94.9)

For over 18 years and 900 episodes, Well, Well, Well has been broadcasting on JOY 94.9 - Australia's out and proud community radio station. On air every Thursday night from 9PM, Well Well Well focuses on the health and wellbeing of our LGBTIQA+ and PLHIV communities.

The show's hosts currently include (pictured above from left to right) Jacinta Hennekam, Michael Whelan, Rachel Cook, Jack Crnjanin, and Cal Hawk.

Missed an episode? Previous episodes of Well Well Well can be streamed online via www.joy.org.au or download the podcast on iTunes. Or check out a selection of recent episodes below:

The Legacy Series

In the lead up to the 35th anniversary of the (then) Victorian AIDS Council (VAC), Cal Hawk talked to more than a dozen community legends about Victoria's response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The four-part series looks at activism and advocacy in the lead up to the epidemic, HIV activism, the political landscape of the time, and carrying on in the worst of the epidemic. The series includes interviews with: Phil Carswell, Alison Thorne, Chris Gill, Colin Batrouney, Jamie Gardiner, Adam Carr, Tony Keenan, Maureen O'Brien, Bill O'Loughlin, Prof. Jim Hyde, Bruce Parnell, David Menadue, Sue Stone, and Dr. David Bradford.

Part 1 - Activism in the lead up to HIV in Australia

Part 2 - Activism and Advocacy

Part 3 - The Political Landscape of HIV and AIDS

Part 4 - Carrying on in the Worst of It

The Australian States of Sex Work (Part 1 & 2)

From legal issues to health considerations - across every state and territory in Australia there are nuances and differences to the state of sex work. Male sex worker and adult film performer, Max Arion, guest hosts this two part series with Cal Hawk. They speak to the peer led projects and organisations in each state and territory including: Vixen Collective (VIC), SIN (SA), Tasmanian Sex Worker Project (TAS), Respect (QLD), SWOP (NSW), SWOP (NT), SWOP (ACT), Magenta (WA) and Scarlet Alliance, the national sex workers association.

Australian States of Sex Work Part 1 - Well Well Well - 31 Jan 2019

Australian States of Sex Work Part 2- Well Well Well - 7 Feb 2019


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