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08 Oct 2020

Be a part of the World AIDS Day Memorial

This year, due to COVID-19, the 2020 World AIDS Day Memorial will be carried out without people gathering at the Positive Living Centre. There will be an online event and we are encouraging members of the public to contribute to this year’s memorial.

18 Sep 2020

Call for Board Nominations

The Victorian AIDS Council Inc (VAC) and Gay Men’s Health Centre Inc (GMHC), trading as Thorne Harbour Health are seeking visionary and capable people who work well with others to nominate for election to three vacancies on the VAC Board of Directors and three vacancies on the GMHC Board of Directors.

18 Sep 2020

Re: Imogen (No. 6) [2020] FamCA 761

Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre provides trans affirmative and person-centred health care by emphasising partnership, education, and self-determination. We view treatment as a collaborative effort between the patient and the provider. All patients of Equinox are determined to be competent prior to treatment initiation.

23 Jul 2020

Remembering Harriet

We recently lost a longstanding volunteer, Harriet, whose legacy as a community volunteer stretched from responding to the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to the challenges faced by our LGBTI communities today - both at Thorne Harbour and other LGBTI organisations.

10 Jul 2020

CEO Update: Melbourne's Lockdown and Masks

As Melbourne returns to lockdown in response to a second wave of COVID-19, CEO Simon Ruth talks about what we need to do to stop the spread in Melbourne as well as the support services out there for our LGBTI communities.

10 Jul 2020

Using masks to fight COVID-19

Many people are using face masks to prevent either catching or passing on COVID-19. There is a lot of information on how to prevent the virus. Effective strategies include: social distancing, washing hands, isolation and self-quarantine. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of evidence regarding the use of face masks in non-medical settings.

09 Jul 2020

COVID-19 Resources to Support Intl Students and Multicultural Communities

Navigating through the healthcare system, welfare system and finding support as an international student can be confusing, especially during this time.

02 Jul 2020

CEO Update: Melbourne Returns to Lockdown

As several suburbs surrounding Melbourne go back into lockdown, Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth talks about what we can be doing now to stay safe and look after our health and wellbeing.

22 Jun 2020

Thorne Harbour Volunteers Remember Ayman Barbaresco

“Five years ago, he proudly strode into my world….Wooden gavel in hand, Ayman approached the lectern, and commenced the meeting with such authority and conviction. I froze still in response.”

04 Jun 2020

LOVE & Volunteering During COVID-19

Many things may have slowed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, but volunteering is not one of them. In fact, Thorne Harbour volunteers quickly adapted to continue supporting our LGBTI communities and people living with HIV. From outreach to peer support to policy work, our volunteers have continued to dedicate their time and energy to the communities we serve. During National Volunteer Week, the fourth annual LGBTIQ Organisations Volunteer Event (L.O.V.E.) went online – holding a virtual event to acknowledge the longstanding commitment of our volunteers.

02 Jun 2020

Isolating Together: maintain your mind & relationship in lockdown

"In any interaction, there is a possibility of connecting with your partner or turning away from your partner. One such moment is not important, but if you're always choosing to turn away, then trust erodes in a relationship - very gradually, very slowly.”― John Gottman


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