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29 Feb 2024

ReWired: Unplugging Old Habits, Making New Connections

ReWired is Thorne Harbour Health’s free group support program for gay/bi+/queer men (cis/trans) who want to change their methamphetamine use and manage their mental health.We sat down with ReWired’s current facilitator, Joe, to discuss the group and what new participants can expect.

16 Feb 2024

A Reflection following Pride March

As we finish the Midsumma season, we acknowledge the important role LGBTIQA+ community festivals play in uplifting and celebrating the rich diversity of our communities. They also make space for meaningful dialogue about the issues faced by our communities – issues that impact our health, wellbeing and ability to participate fully in society. In particular, Pride March has always been an important platform for starting conversations, taking action, and raising awareness of issues faced by our communities.

06 Feb 2024

Navigating Life's Seas with Anchor

Anchor is Thorne Harbour’s newest support group for gay, bi+, and queer men (cis and trans inclusive) who want to change, control, or stop their alcohol use.We sat down with Anchor facilitators George and Lewis to ask them some of the most common questions people have about the group.

13 Dec 2023

PLC Newsletter - Summer 2023

The summer edition of the newsletter for Thorne Harbour Health's Positive Living Centre (PLC) is out now.

11 Dec 2023

5 Questions with South Australia's New Director

We are proud to introduce Rebecca Ellis, our new Director for South Australia. This is a newly created role that reflects our commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our LGBTIQA+ communities in Adelaide.Rebecca emigrated to Adelaide from the North of England with her wife Kylie and four children just under 5 years ago. After marrying in England, Rebecca and Kylie closely watched the marriage equality vote in Australia, hoping it would pass so they could bring their family down under. They’ve fallen in love with Adelaide and wouldn’t want to be in any other state.

14 Nov 2023

31st Keith Harbour Address by Switchboard CEO Joe Ball

The 31st annual Keith Harbour Address was delivered by Switchboard Victoria CEO Joe Ball at Thorne Harbour Health's Positive Living Centre on Sunday 12 November 2023.

14 Nov 2023

Transgender Awareness Week - Training for Doctors

This Transgender Awareness Week we’re shedding light on the challenges faced by our trans and gender diverse (TGD) communities and how allies can show their support.TGD people often encounter barriers when seeking healthcare through mainstream services, with many facing discrimination, ignorance, or misunderstanding from medical professionals.

02 Nov 2023

5 Ways to be a part of World AIDS Day 2023

Friday 1 December marks World AIDS Day - a chance to raise awareness in the community about the contemporary issues surrounding HIV. This year marks 40 years since our founding in response to the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic. We have come a long way, but HIV is not over. Now is the perfect chance to show your support and remind others that HIV Still Matters.In addition to our army of volunteers hitting the streets to hand out red ribbons, we will also be hosting our annual World AIDS Day Memorial and several other events.Here's 5 ways you can take part in World AIDS Day 2023...

17 Oct 2023

HIV Self-Management

With the range of HIV treatment options out there today, people living with HIV (PLHIV) are living well into old age. While this is fantastic news, there are also unique health challenges for PLHIV.

22 Sep 2023

Celebrating Bi+ Visibility Day

“It feels important for my wellbeing to be open about my bisexuality.”

20 Sep 2023

Hate Speech Law Reform Underway

The Victorian Government’s anti-vilification reform is underway, and they want to hear what you have to say!


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