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15 Jun 2021

2021 Order of Australia Honours

This week the Governor-General recognised the remarkable contributions of Australians across the country with the release of the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours List. Three women from the Thorne Harbour Health community were recognised for their longstanding work – Dr Liz Crock, Associate Professor Edwina Wright, and Thorne Harbour President Janet Jukes. 

26 May 2021

Final Report from Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health

In early 2019, the Victoria Government announced that it would be undertaking a Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. Soon after, Thorne Harbour Health and Rainbow Health Victoria encouraged our LGBTI communities to take action and have their voices heard as part of the community consultations and submission process.

26 May 2021

Statement of Apology 2021

To all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, your families and communitiesWe, the Board, staff, volunteers and members of Thorne Harbour Health, say sorry for the injustice, generations of discrimination, marginalisation and human suffering experienced as a result of colonisation.

23 Apr 2021

A New Season for Drama Downunder

With every new season is a new time to get tested, get treated, and avoid the drama. Following the popularity of the original 'seasons' campaign back in 2015, this year's Drama Downunder features the fresh faces introduced last year as well as the first trans man every featured in the campaign's 13-year history. We sit down with Florin (pictured above left) about visibility, trans health, and being on street posters in your underwear.

20 Apr 2021

Get Involved with THH this Midsumma

Midsumma is underway and things look a little different this year. Several events are entirely online and others have been reimagined in a COVIDsafe way; however, there are still a number of ways you can stay connected with Thorne Harbour Health this Midsumma Festival season.

09 Apr 2021

Seeking Faces for new Breast Screening Campaign

Alongside BreastScreen Victoria, Thorne Harbour Health is working on a new campaign and needs your help in finding volunteers to take part.

03 Mar 2021

Legends Honoured in Grove of Gratitude

As part of ChillOut 2021, the Grove of Gratitude is a new initiative honouring various individuals from across our diverse collection of communities. With the inaugural trees planted on Wednesday 3 March 2021, Thorne Harbour Health was given the opportunity to dedicate three trees this year - honouring Prof. Jim Hyde, Deborah Gilles, and Trevor Williams.In an organisation with our history, it's always a challenge to only acknowledge a few people from the many who have contributed to our work, but we look forward to honouring more people in the years ahead.

18 Feb 2021

Introducing: Virtual Meeting Rooms

This week Thorne Harbour is introducing its Virtual Meeting Rooms to help our LGBTI and PLHIV communities stay connected. Volunteer Coordinator Daniel Bryen tells us a little bit about this new resource available to community groups.

16 Feb 2021

Wherever Sex Happens in South Australia

After a successful run in Victoria, one health promotion campaign has undergone a reboot to feature South Australia locations and remind people to look after their sexual health - Wherever Sex Happens.SAMESH Team Manager Skye Bartlett talks a little bit about the experiencing of updating and photographing the campaign for a South Australian audience.

10 Feb 2021

Charlie’s Story: Recovery & the NDIS

Charlie’s road to recovery has been a journey of building capacity and learning new skills, but sometimes it’s just about getting through the day.

21 Jan 2021

5 Questions with Cassius Adam Armitage

Self proclaimed 'Dr. Dolittle' Cassius Adam Armitage takes a break from running a handful of small businesses in regional Victoria to answer 5 Questions about how he came to join the Board of Thorne Harbour Health...

21 Jan 2021

5 Questions with Nevena Spirovska

Community advocate and proud member of our bisexual community Nevena Spirovska answers five questions about why she's on the Board of Thorne Harbour and some the challenges we face for 2021...


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