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Alcohol and Other Drug Service

Our priority is to provide an affirming, welcoming and accessible service, designed to specifically meet the needs of LGBTIQA+ communities and people living with HIV.

We understand that LGBTIQA+ community members can have particular needs when it comes to making positive changes in relation to drinking and using drugs.

We know that our communities often experience higher levels of harmful substance use and that the reasons why we drink and use are closely related to the social, political and relational contexts in which we live.

However we also know that alcohol and other drug (AOD) service use is lower in our communities and that LGBTIQA+ people may be reluctant to access support or unaware of where to find appropriate and safe support.

This program is funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network – an Australian Government Initiative. Our service is free of charge.

How to access our services

Fill out our referral form to make an appointment: https://form.typeform.com/to/VQNDuslt

OR give us a call on (08) 7078 4128

Note: this form can be filled out by agencies, friends, family, and yourself.

We are located at 1/122 Carrington Street and operate during business hours. We can offer after hours appointments by arrangement.

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Experienced counsellors can meet with you to discuss your concerns and goals around your alcohol or drug use and help you to achieve these.

You may wish to learn more about the effects of drug use on your health or mental health, find strategies to better control or reduce your drug use, or access support to stop using completely and improve your wellbeing.

Whatever your goals - whether it is to control, reduce or stop your alcohol or drug use, our counsellors will be able to help you with:

  • Exploring the role and meaning of alcohol and drugs in your life
  • Reducing the harms associated with alcohol and drug use
  • Developing a plan and practical strategies to control or reduce your use
  • Assisting you to plan to cease your drug use and provide you with strategies to prevent relapse
  • Referral to Thorne Harbour Health’s therapeutic groups or other treatment services including residential or non-residential withdrawal and/or rehabilitation

Brief Intervention
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Sometimes people only need a short number of focussed sessions rather than engaging in longer term counselling. This might be to:

  • Help you explore whether alcohol and or drug treatment is right for you
  • Help you identify what your most pressing needs are right now
  • Check in on your progress after completing treatment
  • Help you identify resources and supports
  • Get you back on track after a lapse

We can meet with you for one, two or three sessions depending on what works for you.

Care and Recovery
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Sometimes, when a person is struggling with drug and alcohol issues, they may need support in other areas of their life like housing, accessing health or mental health services or connecting with community supports like social groups and activities.

Our Care & Recovery Coordinator can work with you to look at the different areas of your life and help you to create a plan and work out goals to help you move forward, not only in relation to changing your drug and alcohol use but in other areas too.

Working with our Care & Recovery Coordinator you will supported to:

  • Develop a holistic support plan and develop achievable goals in different areas of your life
  • Access residential and non-residential alcohol and other drug withdrawal services
  • Link in with health and mental health services
  • Access Centrelink services
  • Access employment services
  • Connect with education providers
  • Connect with community supports, including social and living skills groups, to help you in your recovery

Our Care & Recovery Coordinator will be able to help you access services by organising referrals and where needed, taking you to appointments and introducing you to other service providers. They will also support you on your journey to help you stay on track and access services as your needs and goals change.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support