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Our Community Research Endorsement Panel (CREP) promotes a research agenda to benefit people living with HIV/AIDS and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. It includes members from our organisation and Living Positive Victoria, researchers and community members.

The Panel:

  • Offers guidance on research proposals and the sensitivities of our constituent communities to a range of projects
  • Reviews any research proposal that relies on our involvement in any way, including:
    • endorsement or promotion
    • use of our premises
    • advice on recruitment
    • assistance with distribution and promotion

See: Terms of Reference

Request Research Ethics Guidance

Community Research Endorsement Panel Secretariat
John Hall
E: secretary@thorneharbour.org
T: (03) 9865 6700

Apply for Approval

  1. Download our Research Application Form
  2. Contact the Secretariat to discuss your application
  3. Complete the pre-submission checklist
  4. Send your application by email or post.

Standard for Sex, Gender, Variations of Sex Characteristics and Sexual Orientation Variables

In 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has released an updated standard for the collection and dissemination of data relating to sex, gender, variations of sex characteristics and sexual orientation. This is available online for use by other government, academic and private sector organisations in their own statistical collections to improve the comparability and quality of data.

Visit ABS Website


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