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Our Research, Promotion and Ethics Committee promotes a research agenda to benefit people living with HIV/AIDS and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. It includes members from our organisation and Living Positive Victoria, researchers and community members.

The Committee:

  • Offers guidance on research ethics and the sensitivities of our consituent communities to a range of projects
  • Reviews any research proposal that relies on our involvement in any way, including:
    • our endorsement or promotion
    • use of our premises
    • access to our mailing lists
    • advice on recruitment.

See: Terms of Reference (WORD 48 KB)

Request Research Ethics Guidance

Research, Promotion and Ethics Committee Secretariat
John Hall
Phone: (03) 9865 6700.

The Committee can consider and comment on a draft of a research ethics application, or deputise one of its members to talk with you and go through the issues that might arise in your research.

Apply for Ethics Approval

  1. Download our Ethics Application Form (PDF 48 KB) or Word Version (364 KB)
  2. Contact the Secretariat to discuss your application
  3. Send your application by post or email.

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