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As a not-for-profit organisation, we are always in need of financial support to fund key aspects of our work. There are several ways that you can assist in our fundraising efforts:

  • Participate in our fundraising activities during the year, such as our World AIDS Day campaign
  • Organise your own fundraising event in support of Thorne Harbour Health
  • Partner with us through your company or organisation

Thorne Harbour Health is an organisational member of the Fundraising Institute Australia.

Throughout the year, we undertake fundraising activities in order to raise funds and promote the work we do. You can support these activities by participating in events, volunteering your time or by contributing financially to our campaigns through donations.

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Help us raise funds and increase awareness of HIV and broader LGBTI issues by organising your own event in your community, workplace or school. As well as raising funds, you will be promoting the work of our organisation and supporting those living with and at risk of HIV, as well as ensuring all LGBTI people live with dignity and equal rights, participating fully in our society. Please contact us for a fundraising pack.

If you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up, why not organise to collect donations in support of our organisation? Contact our Partnerships Manager to register your fundraising and find out more.

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Your company can partner with us to sponsor an event, give a tax-deductable donation, help with fundraising, gift-in-kind donations or encouraging employee monthly giving. We value the enduring relationships we have with many small and large organisations. Please contact us to find out more.

Contact Us

To find out how you can join our fundraising efforts, please contact our Partnerships Manager:

Phone: (03) 9865 6700
Email: fundraising@vac.org.au


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support