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Please allow up to 90 minutes for the initial assessment appointment. Each regular counselling session will run for 50 minutes and care and recovery sessions are flexible to fit your needs.

Prior to your first session, you will receive information about our Client Privacy and Confidentiality Information, Informed Consent, and Client Rights and Responsibilities. If you have not received this pack, please let us know and we can send this to you and review with you during your first appointment.

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At your first appointment, your information will be reviewed, and we will explain the way we work as well as answer any questions you may have. During the first session, we might:

  • Ask 'What brought you to The Cottage?'
  • Learn from you what your hopes are for seeking support from The Cottage, and help you set goals that you would like to achieve from counselling or care and recovery
  • Explain how our service works
  • Ask some questions about your history, including your childhood, education, relationships, your current living situation, and your career
  • Advise on other services or supports, if any, might be helpful whilst you wait for an allocation

Some questions might not be relevant for you or you may not comfortable with. If that’s the case, we can skip those. The first appointment is also a chance for you to check us out. You might have questions about the service, different therapy approaches, or confidentiality. Feel free to ask.

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This information has been devised following government guidelines in South Australia and will be revised regularly based on those directions.

There are COVID-safe protocols in place until further notice. These include:

  • Mandatory wearing of masks whilst inside the building (unless exemptions apply)
  • Use of QR codes upon entry
  • Encouragement of physical distancing
  • Encouragement of regular handwashing

If you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, please contact us before coming on-site. We can reschedule the appointment or provide support via Telehealth.

It is now a requirement of Thorne Harbour Health for clients to have received both COVID-19 vaccines to attend on-site appointments. Alternatively, telehealth appointments are available for those who have not received their COVID-19 vaccines.

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Our address is 51 Bower Street, Woodville, SA 5011

How to get here:

The Cottage is close to 3 main roads, Port Road, Torrens Road and Woodville Road, making us easily accessible via car, and we are located just off of the Shine SA carpark.

The Cottage is close to public transport with bus stops on Woodville Road, and the Woodville Railway Station being less than a five minute walk from The Cottage. Plan your journey here.


We have plenty of accessible parking on-site. We share a carpark with Shine SA.


We are committed to ensuring our buildings and facilities are accessible to people with disabilities, create connections and enhance the experience of all people who visit us. There are two toilets on-site – one is an accessible toilet and both are gender-neutral toilets.

We will do our best to accommodate your access needs for you to be able to visit us and fully participate in our counselling services. Please contact us on (08) 7078 4128 to discuss any access needs.

Amenities near 51 Bower Street:

You might be interested in amenities near the building before or after your appointment. Here is a map of amenities.

We may be in with other clients when you arrive. If no one comes out to greet you, please make yourself comfortable in one of the armchairs in our reception area and we will be with you soon.

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We can provide telephone or video appointments using a videoconferencing platform called Zoom. Once an appointment has been arranged, we will share a link with you via email or SMS. Once you have clicked on this link, you video session with automatically launch. You will need a device (computer or smartphone) with an internet connection in order for the link to work.

For telephone appointments:

We will phone you at the arranged appointment time.

For Zoom appointments:

We will send you a link prior to the appointment. Your Telehealth session will be scheduled for a specific time. The link will expire at the conclusion of your appointment. These telehealth sessions are not recorded and are completely private.

We understand that it can be a strange experience the first few times you engage in online counselling. Here are some tips to help ease any discomfort you may experience, and to help you make the most of your session:

  • Find a comfortable, quiet space within your home. Make sure this is private and away from distractions or other loud noises.
  • Find a pair of headphones to use throughout your session. This will increase privacy measures if you live with others.
  • You might consider minimising disruptions by locking doors, putting a ‘Do not disturb’ sign up, or switching off phones.
  • If you wish to hide your face from your own view on Zoom, please click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of your videocam view (the window that shows your face only). Some clients may find the view of their face distracting or uncomfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable with videoconferencing, phone consultations are available as an alternative.

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We understand that cancellations are sometimes necessary. Please call if you need to reschedule – we require 24 hours’ notice. Our number is (08) 7078 4128. Alternatively, you can respond to the reminder SMS that was sent to you. You will receive a reminder 48 hours prior to ensure enough time to reschedule.

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You can find our Client Rights and Responsibilities Statement here.

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  • You can call us on (08) 7078 4128 and ask to speak to one of our workers
  • You can submit a contact form through our website, and someone will be in touch with you
  • Or you can email us at aodsa@thorneharbour.org

Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support