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Through our longstanding weekly radio show and podcast on JOY, Well Well Well, we have produced a number of series documenting our history and legacy of community action in responding to HIV and AIDS.

Pictured Above: Well Well Well producer and presenter Cal Hawk in JOY's studios with Thorne Harbour Health's Founding President, Phil Carswell OAM.

VAC Legacy Series

Originally Aired 2018

In the lead up to the organisation's 35th anniversary, we produced the four-part VAC Legacy Series. Hosted by Cal Hawk, the series talks to more than a dozen people involved in the early response to HIV and AIDS in Melbourne including: Phil Carswell OAM, Alison Thorne, Chris Gill, Colin Batrouney, Jamie Gardiner OAM, Dr Adam Carr, Tony Keenan, Maureen O'Brien, Bill O'Loughlin, Prof. Jim Hyde, Bruce Parnell, David Menadue OAM, Sue Stone, and Dr. David Bradford.

Part 1 - Activism in the lead up to HIV in Australia

Part 2 - Activism and Advocacy

Part 3 - The Political Landscape of HIV and AIDS

Part 4 - Carrying on in the Worst of It

Soon after the series finished in 2018, one of the voices featured, Professor Jim Hyde, died. Unaired excerpts from the VAC Legacy Series were featured in this follow up episode.

Tribute to Jim Hyde

Community Living Legends Series

Originally Aired 2023

In the lead up to Thorne Harbour Health's 40th Anniversary, the Community Living Legends Series features seven people involved in early LGBTIQ+ activism and the community response to HIV and AIDS. Unlike the VAC Legacy Series, this series hosted by Cal Hawk features long format sit down interviews with each guest to get their personal reflections on our progress in advocating for the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Alison Thorne

David Menadue OAM

Dennis Altman

Jamie Gardiner OAM

Phil Carswell OAM

Chris Gill

Dr Adam Carr

Doctors in the HIV Response

Originally Aired 2023

In the lead up to World AIDS Day 2023, three generations of doctors share their reflections on their careers and experiences in the response to HIV and AIDS. Hosted by Cal Hawk and Jack Crnjanin.

Dr David Bradford

Professor Jenny Hoy

Associate Professor Jason Ong


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