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Mental Health

Therapeutic Groups

Our counselling service runs therapeutic groups to address the continuing challenges of the living with HIV and the needs of the LGBTI community.How the Groups WorkThe groups are:Facilitated by professional counsellors or psychotherapistsHeld weekly and run for six to ten weeks. Group members agree to attend all sessionsSometimes focused on particular themes, such as anxiety or living with HIV so you can get help with particular issuesA group approach:Can help you change unhelpful thoughts or behavioursWork with other group members to develop a stronger sense of selfProvides a safe and confidential spaceYou may feel anxious and uncomfortable about joining a group and talking about yourself. However, our facilitators are trained to monitor, give feedback, and help the group work through difficult issues. Group members often feel supported by the others in the group, and gain strength from knowing that there are others going through similar issues.Please select the group you are interested in below:

Mental Health

Same-Sex Attracted Men in Heterosexual Relationships

Stigma is a tricky beast and an all too familiar one for men experiencing anxiety and/or depression. It gets even more complicated when you add the stigma associated with being same-sex attracted while in a heterosexual lifestyle. DALE aims to reduce this complex stigma and improve the overall health and wellbeing of these men.

Mental Health

Community Activist Debrief Sessions

We're offering free sessions for community activists in the campaign for marriage equality to explore ways they might make meaning of what has transpired, and take steps to look after themselves now and into the future.Book a session (03) 9865 6700

LGBTI Health

Thorne Harbour Country

Thorne Harbour Country provides support, counselling, rapid HIV testing, resources and information around LGBTI wellbeing, HIV, Hepatitis C and sexual health across the Loddon Mallee. Operating out of the Community Hub, Thorne Harbour Country provides a safe place for the LGBTI community to connect and access information resources and referral services.

News & Events

Well, Well, Well (JOY 94.9)

For over 600 episodes, Well, Well, Well has been broadcasting on JOY 94.9 - Australia's out and proud community radio station.

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