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Our Services

Thorne Harbour Country

Thorne Harbour Country provides support, counselling, rapid HIV testing, resources and information around LGBTIQ+ wellbeing, HIV, Hepatitis C and sexual health across the Loddon Mallee. Operating out of the Community Hub, Thorne Harbour Country provides a safe place for the LGBTIQ+ community to connect and access information resources and referral services.

Our Services

HIV Positive Services

Thorne Harbour Health has been supporting people living with HIV through a range of services over the last three decades. While many of these are delivered from our Positive Living Centre in South Yarra, there are services for people living with HIV at several of our sites and beyond.

HIV Positive Services

Positive Living Centre

The Positive Living Centre (PLC) is a vibrant and safe environment for all people living with HIV. The PLC's main aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of HIV positive people, through the provision of social, emotional, recreational, and skills-based services and activities. Many services are provided free-of-charge and are delivered by a range of skilled facilitators, staff, and volunteers.The Positive Living Centre is open from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to FridayContact us:Phone: (03) 9863 0444Fax: (03) 9820 3166Email: plcfeedback@thorneharbour.orgAddress: 51 Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141

HIV Positive Services

Community Support

HIV Positive Services

HIV Positive Peer Support

What is HIV+ Peer Support?Peer Support is support, knowledge, care, emotional, social and practical help provided by people who have faced the same challenges and issues as you.HIV+ Peer Support Groups at the Positive Living Centre (PLC) provide a safe and supportive environment where key topics about living with HIV are explored.Whether recently diagnosed or living with HIV for a number of years, HIV+ Peer Support Groups can be a great way to meet other men who share this life experience.The Peer Support and Health Promotion Officer provides friendly, confidential support to men living with HIV. Additionally, the Peer Support Officer supervises the running of HIV+ Peer Support Groups in consultation with volunteer facilitators.

HIV Positive Services

Financial (David Williams Fund)

The David Williams Fund (DWF) was established in 1986 to provide emergency financial assistance to people living with HIV (PLHIV) who are experiencing financial hardship. The fund relies upon donations.Services include:Financial counsellingFood vouchersStudy assistOne-to-one financial literacyEmergency financial assistanceAdvice and referral to No interest loans (NILS) providersPoverty affects a substantial number of PLHIV, and demand for assistance regularly outstrips the funding available. Each year, the DWF distributes over $100,000 to PLHIV in Victoria. The fund is totally reliant upon donations as well as various community fundraisers such as Northside Bizarre and Mooning hosted by the Laird Hotel.

HIV Positive Services

HIV AIDS Legal Centre (HALC)

The HIV AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) is a Community Legal Centre which has been operating since 1993, from the Positive Living Centre. HALC is currently offering limited services in the area of immigration, wills, and criminal matters.

HIV Positive Services

Housing Plus

Housing Plus (formerly known as AHAG) provides the following services for people living with HIV:Case managementWork with you to identify your housing optionsAssist with applications for permanent housing, including letters of support and other helpful documentsAdvocate on your behalf with a housing organisationSupport you in accessing transitional housingSupport you once you have got housing, including during rental or lease reviewsProvide assistance and support when you move house.Contact Us:Housing Plus is run from the Positive Living Centre in South Yarra.For more information, contact:Positive Living Centre51 Commercial RoadSouth Yarra, Victoria 3141Phone: (03) 9863 0444 Email: housing@thorneharbour.orgPlease note: Housing Plus is not a crisis service, if you are experiencing homelessness please call the FREE 24-hour helpline on 1800 825 955.


Undetectable Viral Load (UVL)

For someone living with HIV, ‘viral load’ refers to the amount of HIV circulating in the blood.Viral load is measured by a blood test and can range from below the level of detection (undetectable) to several million copies if the person is not on treatment.



The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has raised concerns for a lot of people living with HIV (PLHIV). We've put together some answers to frequently asked questions as well as links to additional resources.

News & Events

Well, Well, Well (JOY 94.9)

For over 17 years and 800 episodes, Well, Well, Well has been broadcasting on JOY 94.9 - Australia's out and proud community radio station. On air every Thursday night from 9PM, Well, Well, Well focuses on health and wellbeing issues affecting our LGBTIQ+ and PLHIV communities.

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24 Jan 2019

HIV Futures 9

HIV Futures is a survey about the health and wellbeing of PLHIV. They want to hear from PLHIV all over Australia. HIV Futures is an important project. It provides information to help governments, clinical services and community groups plan programs and policy.

8 Nov 2019

PLC Newsletter - Spring 2019 Summer 2020

The Spring/Summer issue of the PLC newsletter is here with updates on services, personal stories, and more.

27 Nov 2019

Newsletter - Summer 2020

In the lead up to World AIDS Day 2019, we're releasing our summer newsletter to get you ready for the upcoming silly season.

28 Feb 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update and advice for people living with HIV

UPDATED 4 March 2020: COVID-19 Joint statement from Living Positive Victoria, Positive Women Victoria & Thorne Harbour Health.

6 Mar 2020

PLC Activities Calendar: March- July 2020

The next issue of the PLC Newsletter is just around the corner, but until then, check out the latest PLC Activities Calendar.

16 Mar 2020

Update on COVID-19 for PLHIV

Thorne Harbour Health, Living Positive Victoria, and Positive Women Victoria are encouraging people living with HIV (PLHIV) to take additional precautions in the face of the changing landscape around 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

8 Dec 2020

5 Questions with Bronwyn Lawman

After having recently joined the Board of Thorne Harbour Health, we chatted to Bronwyn Lawman about her longstanding career in mental health, why she's keen to play an influential role at the organisation, and her love of Abba.

29 Sep 2021

PLC Newsletter - Spring 2021

Spring has sprung and so has the latest edition of the PLC Newsletter!

14 Oct 2021

Join the 2021 World AIDS Day Remembrance Ceremony

This year, due to COVID-19, the 2021 World AIDS Day event will be carried out without people gathering at the Positive Living Centre. There will be an online event and we are encouraging members of the public to contribute to this year’s memorial.

14 Dec 2021

Protecting You as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease and We Open Up

Thorne Harbour Health (THH), Living Positive Victoria (LPV), and Positive Women Victoria (PWV), are pleased that we are now able to reconnect with our members, clients, and communities.

17 Jun 2022

PLC Newsletter - Winter 2022

The colder weather may be settling in, but things at the PLC are warming up. The latest issue of the newsletter features stories from people living with HIV over the decades as well as information on services, news, and more.

14 Sep 2022

PLC Newsletter - Spring 2022

The Spring edition of the PLC newsletter is out now! This edition features news around Victoria's AIDS Memorial Quilt, sex work reform, new resources for people navigating Australia's NDIS, and the latest with monkeypox (MPX) in Australia.

9 Nov 2022

5 Ways to be a part of World AIDS Day 2022

World AIDS Day is back on 1 December 2022 - and we're bringing back the WAD Street Appeal after a two-year hiatus.In addition to our army of volunteers hitting the streets to hand out red ribbons, we will also be hosting our annual World AIDS Day Memorial as well as a new initiative with our series of Red Ribbon Making events.There are so many ways to get involved and take part in World AIDS Day 2022 and be Boldly Positive as we remind others that HIV Still Matters.Here's 5 ways you can take part in World AIDS Day 2022....

10 Mar 2023

PLC Newsletter - Autumn 2023

The autumn edition of the newsletter for Thorne Harbour Health's Positive Living Centre (PLC) is out now.

30 May 2023

PLC Newsletter - Winter 2023

The winter edition of the newsletter for Thorne Harbour Health's Positive Living Centre (PLC) is out now.

21 Jul 2023

Be a Part of Our Community Advisory Committees

Application Deadline Extended. Thorne Harbour Health is seeking participants for a number of our Community Advisory Committees.

8 Sep 2023

PLC Newsletter - Spring 2023

The spring edition of the newsletter for Thorne Harbour Health's Positive Living Centre (PLC) is out now.

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Media Releases

12 Jan 2018

Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey back for 2018 at Midsumma Carnival

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) along with the Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) and the Kirby Institute at UNSW will be conducting the Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey (MGCPS) during the first week of the Midsumma Festival, this annual survey takes a snapshot of sexual practices men who have sex with other men in relation to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.From Sunday 14 January at the 2018 Midsumma Carnival Day through Sunday 21 January, gay and bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) will be asked to participate in the survey at a range of locations across Melbourne, including medical clinics, social venues such as pubs and bars, and sex-on-premises venues. Only Melbourne men who have had sex with another man in the past five years should complete a survey form, as well as men who don’t live in Melbourne but who regularly participate in the Melbourne gay community. The survey is completely anonymous, and the results are communicated later in the year via LGBTI and other media, through public meetings and seminars, in online reports, and through journal articles.First conducted in Melbourne in 1998, the short survey takes a snapshot of gay men’s sexual practices related to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. The survey is important because it gives a snapshot of the lives of gay and homosexually active men in Melbourne from year to year. It allows comparisons to be made over time and for a picture to emerge of the changes in sexual practices and partnering habits, drug use, HIV and STI rates, and testing habits.The Periodic Survey is also conducted in other states during gay community festivals so that comparisons can be drawn between states. Data from the surveys are used to form local and national sexual health promotion campaigns and education strategies.“All same-sex attracted guys are welcome to complete this annual survey — gay, bi, trans and non-binary both HIV negative and HIV Positive,” said the survey’s Victorian coordinator, VAC’s Tex McKenzie.“New questions added this year include adding the gender assigned at birth and a question asking if participants have been vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. And not all questions need to be answered by everyone; there are specific questions for men who are living with HIV as well as general questions that everyone can answer.”VAC CEO Simon Ruth added: “The Periodic Survey is an important piece of research that helps us target not only campaigns around HIV and STI-prevention, but around mental health issues and alcohol and drug use in our community as well.”“The data we gather from the survey over time is an invaluable resource for both state-based and national campaigns.”

23 Oct 2018

HIV and AIDS Priorities: working with the next Victorian Government to respond to HIV

Thorne Harbour Health, Living Positive Victoria, and Positive Women Victoria have released HIV and AIDS Priorities – a document that recommends 27 actions to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and to build upon Victoria’s HIV targets, prevention, testing, and treatment efforts.HIV and AIDS Priorities also covers areas of stigma and discrimination, tobacco use amongst people living with HIV, and HIV-related law reform.Victoria’s major parties will have the opportunity to respond to the call at an event hosted at Thorne Harbour Health’s Positive Living Centre tonight (Tuesday 23 October 2018). Victoria’s record of action to reduce HIV transmissions and to support people with HIV should be enhanced through growing what works well and adding several new initiatives.Victoria’s three key community-controlled organisations working on HIV, Thorne Harbour Health, Living Positive Victoria, and Positive Women Victoria, have developed HIV and AIDS Priorities to help guide the next Victorian Government’s policy responses and continue to advance Victoria’s enviable record of support and action.Advances in treatment have made it possible to effectively suppress HIV replication and for people living with HIV to live normal lifespans. A sustained undetectable viral load eliminates the risk of HIV transmission, and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is also being used as an effective prevention measure. In order to fully capitalise on these advances, better prevent HIV, and improve the lives of people living with HIV, accessible and timely testing and diagnosis is required for all Victorians who may be at risk of HIV alongside access to treatment, care, and support. Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth said, “Victoria’s sexual health service infrastructure has failed to keep up with the state’s population growth and is impeding our efforts to effectively tackle HIV and high rates of other STIs.”“We need to look for ways to expand our prevention and treatment service systems through GPs and Hospitals across Victoria. PEP should be available at every hospital and cost barriers to treatment should be removed.”Living Positive Victoria CEO Richard Keane said, “Victoria also requires action to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Anti-stigma campaigns should be funded, and family and peer support programs should be developed and extended. Unnecessary HIV disclosure should be discouraged through new guidelines.”Positive Women Victoria Executive Officer Kirsty Machon said, “Victorian women require a specific focus, to ensure that health promotion messages and prevention programs are having an impact, that testing rates for women are increased through targeted and appropriate outreach and the education of health care providers, and that all women are diagnosed in a timely manner, accessing the treatment they need, and with referral to support and services.”Click here to read HIV and AIDS Priorities.

22 Mar 2022

HIV Still Matters features personal stories of disclosure

Focused on the contemporary landscape of HIV in Australia, Thorne Harbour Health’s HIV Still Matters campaign is zooming in on the experiences of people living with HIV and exploring the topic of disclosure for its latest iteration.The newly-launched campaign website at hivstillmatters.org features interviews with five people living with HIV who generously share their diverse range of experiences of disclosure with friends, partners, family members and work colleagues.

15 Jun 2022

AIDS Memorial Quilt included in Victorian Heritage Register

Victoria’s AIDS Memorial Quilt has formally achieved heritage recognition and protection - a first for Australia and a landmark moment in the history of the AIDS Memorial Quilt movement.This month, the Heritage Council of Victoria determined to include the Melbourne AIDS Memorial Quilt in the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR), listing it amongst 2,400 sites, objects, and collections legally recognised and protected by the register.Borne out of the AIDS Memorial Quilt movement in the United States, the Melbourne AIDS Memorial Quilt was originally coordinated by volunteers out of Fairfield Hospital in 1988 - with quilt panels being made by family members, loved ones, or volunteers working with community groups. Today the Quilts consist of 209 panels - each handmade and individually designed to commemorate a person or group of people who died from an AIDS-related condition.Thorne Harbour Health (then the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre) accepted custodianship of the Quilts several years ago and currently maintain the collection.

20 Oct 2022

Prioritising HIV & AIDS ahead of the upcoming Victorian state election

Today Thorne Harbour Health, Living Positive Victoria, and Positive Women Victoria have released HIV & AIDS Priorities - a document that recommends 38 actions to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and to build upon Victoria’s ongoing response to HIV.

12 Jul 2023

Celebrating 40 Years of Supporting LGBTIQ+ Communities and PLHIV

Today marks 40 years since the founding of Thorne Harbour Health, Australia's oldest HIV/AIDS organisation and now one of the largest LGBTIQ+ community-controlled health organisations in the country. This month the organisation is hosting a series of exhibitions and community forums to reflect on the past four decades as well as inform the ongoing response to those issues impacting LGBTIQ+ communities today."We hope that there will be something to inspire everyone — from innovations in health promotion to exploring the state of LGBTIQ+ rights around the globe," said Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth."We have arranged a series of forums to accompany each exhibition, with panels made up of incredible subject matter experts and some of the living legends behind our founding in 1983," Mr Ruth added.

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TUE Oct 23

HIV and AIDS Priorities: 2018 Victorian Election Panel




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC

Time: 6.30p.m.

THU Dec 1

World AIDS Day Memorial




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Road, South Yarra & Online via Zoom

Time: 6.00p.m.

SAT Dec 8 to WED Dec 5









Location: Hume Bank Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Island, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga VIC 3690

Time: 6.30p.m.

TUE Mar 26

Enhancing Meaningful Engagement of Women Living with HIV in Research




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC

Time: 3.30p.m.

SUN May 17

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial




Location: Online

Time: 5.00p.m.

TUE May 9

Self-Management Workshop for PLHIV




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Time: 1.00p.m.

SUN Feb 9

AIDS Memorial Garden Walking Tour




Location: Melbourne Polytechnic College Fairfield Campus, Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield

Time: 1.00p.m.

SUN Jun 5

Taking Charge: Zooming Across the Pacific




Location: Via Zoom

Time: 10.00a.m.

SUN Feb 19

Taking Charge: Picnic at Albert Park Lake




Location: Albert Park Lake

Time: 11.00a.m.

WED Mar 15

How to Tell a Secret - SOLD OUT




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Road, South Yarra

Time: 6.30p.m.

TUE Mar 28

Taking Charge: Quality of Mind




Location: Positive Living Centre, 51 Commercial Road, South Yarra

Time: 6.00p.m.

SUN Apr 30

Taking Charge: What the Putt?




Location: What the Putt, 305 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Time: 12.00p.m.

TUE Sep 26

Taking Charge Peer Support Network: When I Look in the Mirror, I Wish...




Location: 200 Hoddle St Abbotsford

Time: 6.00p.m.

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