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5 Ways to be a part of World AIDS Day 2022

World AIDS Day is back on 1 December 2022 - and we're bringing back the WAD Street Appeal after a two-year hiatus.

In addition to our army of volunteers hitting the streets to hand out red ribbons, we will also be hosting our annual World AIDS Day Memorial as well as a new initiative with our series of Red Ribbon Making events.

There are so many ways to get involved and take part in World AIDS Day 2022 and be Boldly Positive as we remind others that HIV Still Matters.

Here's 5 ways you can take part in World AIDS Day 2022....

WAD 2022 Street Appeal Banner.jpg

1 - Take part in the WAD Street Appeal

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, our World AIDS Day Street Appeal is back! It is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience to be out on the street with ribbons and a collection bucket engaging with the public about World Aids Day. The appeal is a one-of-a-kind event raising awareness, spreading the message, and supporting THH as it supports people living with HIV with donations received. Sign up now to volunteer for a shift sometime between 7AM-4PM on 1 December! Can't volunteer but keen to play your part? Check out this map with where you can find WAD Volunteers on the day in Melbourne.

Sign Up to Volunteer

WAD 2022 Red Ribbon Making Banner.jpg

2 - Attend a Red Ribbon Making event

This year we're trying something new with our series of Red Ribbon Making events. In the lead up to WAD, each event will give people the chance to make their own red ribbon and hear a little bit about the legacy of our community response to HIV and AIDS. We will have tables and materials set up to make Red Ribbons that can then be used for our street appeal on World AIDS Day.

These will be held at:

The Red Ribbon has become the global symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. First worn in 1991 by the Visual AIDS Group in New York, the following year the uniquely Victorian Red Ribbon was created by Brent Lacey. While it was cheaper to produce, the unique shape offered another more significant point of difference - the inverted 'V' design is to allow the ribbons to be turned upside down a create a 'V' for 'Victory' the day a cure for HIV is discovered.

WAD Memorial image.png

3 - Honour those we've lost at the WAD Memorial

This year were coming together both in-person and online to ensure everyone can participate and attend this year's World AIDS Day Memorial wherever you might be on Thursday 1 December. Doors open at 5.00PM and the ceremony will start at 6.00pm at the Positive Living Centre or you can view the event live online (register here) as we commemorate the many lives from our communities that have been lost as a result of the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Click here for more info on WAD Memorial

5 Ways to World AIDS Day

4 - Get your organisation involved

Whether you're a small business, a corporation, or a community organisation - you can run your own World AIDS Day activation with the support of Thorne Harbour Health. Fill out our online form to request now to sign your organisation up!

Sign Up Your Organisation

World AIDS Day Red Ribbon Mobile Phone

5 - Get the World AIDS Day app

Our World AIDS Day app offers an easy way for you to take part and donate this World AIDS Day. The app offers both the global red ribbon as well as the Victorian signature red ribbon. It also offers watch faces and wallpapers in a variety of World AIDs Day-inspired designs. World AIDS Day app is available in the App Store and Google Play. So if you can’t get a physical Red Ribbon, definitely use our App.

Get the World AIDS Day App in the App Store

Get the World AIDS Day App in Google Play

Or you can find the app by searching for 'World AIDS Day' then install it on your device for free.

Click here for more info about the World AIDS Day App.

But that's not all...

There are a number of events happening further afield. Head to: worldaidsday.org.au for events happening across Australia.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support