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Secondary Consultation Services

Secondary consultation includes provisions of support such as:

  • Support to write an LGBTI+ commitment statement.
  • Advice around signalling allyship on LGBTI+ days of significance (eg. Pride month, trans day of visibility, international non-binary people’s day).
  • Recommendations for developing guidelines and best practice processes (not including policy or legal advice).
  • Support with responding to special circumstances involving LGBTI+ people and groups (eg. complaints, feedback and incidents).
  • Review of language and terminology used on forms and data management systems.
  • Advice around inclusive language and terminology for internal and external use (eg. Posters, signage, social media copy, newsletters).
  • Support to connect with LGBTI+ speakers, role models and champions for events and programs.

Secondary consultations are agreed upon a contract duration of 6 or 12 months including:

  • 1 x email per fortnight
  • 1 x consultation meeting per month (up to two hours via zoom)

To schedule a free 30-minute strategy discussion, contact education@thorneharbour.org


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