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Family Violence Services

Family violence within LGBTIQ+ relationships occurs at the same or higher rates as heterosexual relationships. Trans and gender diverse people are especially at risk of family violence.Research informs us that 1 in 3 LGBTIQ+ people experience intimate partner and/or family violence from a partner, ex-partner, or family member, inclusive of family of choice.If you are at immediate risk of harm, please call 000 for police support. If you are in need of non-emergency support and it is outside of business hours, please contact the Statewide Family Violence Helpline (24/7) on 1800 015 188

Family Violence Services



COVID-19 & Family Violence

As we prepare ourselves for physical distancing and self-isolation, we need to remember home is not always the safest place.For some in our community – job losses and insecure housing can mean that we are forced back to other homes with family or friends which can be highly conflictual and for others unsafe.

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9 May 2022

A New Face Behind Therapeutic Services

We recently welcomed Alyssha Fooks to Thorne Harbour Health as the Manager of Therapeutic Services and Capacity Building. With a portfolio that includes family violence, counselling, alcohol and other drug use, and building the capacity of mainstream services – Alyssha took a moment to talk about her work and coming to Thorne Harbour.

27 May 2022

Clearing Space for Healthier Relationships

Sometimes our behaviour gets in the way of the relationships we want to be having. Relationships take work, and it’s not always easy. No matter who we love, abuse is never okay.

21 Jun 2023

The Harbour: Social Housing for LGBTIQ+ Communities

Thorne Harbour Health is partnering with Housing Choices Australia to create long-term LGBTIQ+ housing.

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Media Releases

10 Dec 2020

Australia’s First National Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Digital Resource for LGBTQ+ Communities Goes Live

LGBTQ+ people impacted by sexual, domestic and family violence (SDFV) from across Australia will now have access to relevant, culturally appropriate and state-specific information and resources with the national rollout of the digital support hub, Say It Out Loud.Produced by ACON, Australia’s largest sexuality and gender diverse health organisation, Say It Out Loud is an online platform on sexual, domestic and family violence designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people. First launched as a NSW specific site in 2017, the resource received funding from the Department of Social Services in 2019 to be expanded nationwide.The new national website, being launched today to coincide with the final day of the annual campaign ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’, provides comprehensive and inclusive information for LGBTQ+ communities around the country affected by domestic and family violence and sexual assault. It focuses on building healthy relationships and features tips, assessment tools, safety planning measures, videos, personal stories and other support resources.The national platform has been developed in partnership with a range of specialist sexual assault and domestic violence services in every state and territory, enabling Say It Out Loud to feature state-specific content, information on state legislation, referral and support options, and local events. The organisations are:New South Wales: ACONWestern Australia: The Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services (WCDFVS)Tasmania: Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS)Northern Territory: YWCA Australia (YWCA)Queensland: DVConnectSouth Australia: Women’s Safety Services SA (WSSSA)Australian Capital Territory: The Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS)Victoria: Kara House and Thorne Harbour HealthACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said that the national expansion of Say It Out Loud responds to the need for tailored information and resources on SDFV for LGBTQ+ people across the country.“Up until now, there has been no national website that specifically spoke to LGBTQ+ Australians about their relationships. Our data showed that more than half of Australian visitors to the NSW website were from outside the state, highlighting the need for locally specific information, content and referral links for community members across Australia.“We thank the many sexual assault and domestic violence support organisations from around the country for their partnership and collaboration. Their expertise, knowledge and networks in their respective states and territories will provide LGBTQ+ community members with the relevant information and support they need.”Parkhill added the partnerships will also help build capacity nationwide to support LGBTQ+ people impacted by sexual, domestic and family violence.“While sexual, domestic and family violence is an issue that is gaining prominence, there is still little to no dedicated funding for LGBTQ+ communities to address SDFV in many states and territories.“The partnerships will enable selected organisations to develop the skills, structures and strengths to become better equipped to identify unsafe relationships outside of the predominant heterosexual discourse, create safer pathways for clients, and provide further support for LGBTQ+ communities in culturally appropriate and safer ways.”Parkhill also acknowledged the support of Australian Government in the expansion of Say It Out Loud.“We thank the Department of Social Services for funding the national rollout of this vital resource. With the new Say It Out Loud website, we will not only shine a light of SDFV issues in our community on a national scale, we will also be able to further support the strength and resilience of LGBTQ+ people across the country, and thereby improve our collective health and wellbeing.”Visit Say It Out Loud here.ENDSADDITIONAL QUOTESThorne Harbour Health Director of Services, Carolyn Gillespie:“This national website will bring significant benefits to our LGBTIQ communities. As a one-stop shop for support and information related to healthy relationships, as well as family violence and sexual assault, the site simplifies the often complex process of connecting to safe support and getting help for LGBTIQ community members. The information available on the site is written for and by community and celebrates the diversity and strength of healthy and supportive LGBTIQ relationships – and, importantly, how to get help when a relationship is not safe.”The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing Acting CEO, Kedy Kristal: “The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing is proud to partner with ACON and other state DFV services to promote the Say it Out Loud website. It’s a fabulous resource that supports and strengthens LGBTQ relationships across Australia.”Sexual Assault Support Service CEO, Jill Maxwell: “As a small regional state Tasmania will greatly benefit from having this central website. The Say It Out Loud website is a great way of providing information and support, but also normalising healthy relationships, and destigmatising sexuality and relationships within marginalised groups. Tasmania knows what it feels like to be the odd one out, and we would never want anyone to feel excluded from any conversation about sexual safety. One of our aims is to ensure that everyone knows that we all have the right to feel safe, all of the time.”YWCA Australia National Service Development and Delivery Director, Shannon Wright: “The Say It Out Loud project is incredibly important and will impact LGBTQ communities across the Northern Territory experiencing SDFV and those wanting further information on healthy relationships. As an evolving intersectional feminist organisation YWCA Australia is extremely proud and honoured to work in partnership with so many passionate organisations, where we all bring our expertise together to amplify the impact for LGBTQ communities. Our work in communities directly benefits from these relationships and shared vision we are very excited for our journey together”DVConnect CEO, Beck O’Connor: “DVConnect is incredibly proud to partner with ACON and other specialist domestic, family and intimate partner violence services nationally because there is significant apprehension within LGBTIQ+ communities to ever contact mainstream services for support and we need to change that.”Women’s Safety Services SA CEO, Maria Hagias: “Women’s Safety Services SA is thrilled to be part of a National partnership to improve responses and services to the LGBTIQ+ communities.  As the largest specialized Domestic and Family Violence service in South Australia, we recognize the importance of celebrating all LGBTIQ+ relationships and our continuing learning to support the community when concerns of risk and safety arise.”The Domestic Violence Crisis Service interim General Manager, Glenda Stevens: “The Say It Out Loud website pulls a lot of information together, making it easier for people to access information relevant to their needs. The website promotes positive relationships as well as providing vital information to people who might be subjected to violence within their relationships, use violence or are worried about a friend or loved one.”Kara House, Specialist Family Violence Practitioner Katie McNally: “Kara House is excited to be a part of a national partnership delivering information and referral pathways which will improve the experience of LGBTIQ community members accessing services. The Say It Out Loud project is providing a national integrated information point for resources for both LGBTIQ community and the services supporting them and is accessible to community no matter their location. Being a partner in the project has also enabled Kara House to access training and support to improve inclusive practice and provided the opportunity to network with state and national services to share knowledge and resources”.FOR MEDIA ENQUIRIESACON | David Alexander, Media and Communications | dalexander@acon.org.auWCDFVS | Kedy Kristal, CEO | Kedykristal@womenscouncil.com.auSASS | Laura Davis, Primary Prevention Educator | Laura.Davis@sass.org.auYWCA | Shannon Wright, Director, National Service Development and Delivery | shannon.wright@ywca.org.auDVConnect | Beck O’Connor, CEO | ceo@dvconnect.orgWSSSA | Mergho Ray, Manager Integrated Programs | merghor@womenssafetyservices.com.auDVCS | Alanna Davis, Community Development and Engagement Manager | alanna@dvcs.org.auKara House | Katie McNally, Specialist Family Violence Practitioner | admin@karahouse.org.auThorne Harbour Health | Caleb Hawk, Communications Manager |  communications@thorneharbour.orgWe encourage the use of the Australian Press Council’s Advisory Guideline for Reporting on persons with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.

6 Oct 2021

‘Safe Always’ Campaign Highlights Family Violence in LGBTIQ Communities

While family violence continues to be a serious issue faced by society, Thorne Harbour Health and Rainbow Health Victoria have partnered on a bold campaign putting a spotlight on family violence in LGBTIQ communities.The Safe Always campaign features four images of LGBTIQ couples juxtaposed with various headline texts about family violence - informed by the lived experience of LGBTIQ people.The aim is to grab the attention of viewers and achieve a wider recognition of LGBTIQ family violence amongst mainstream service providers and community as well as raise awareness within LGBTIQ communities of experiences of violence that may otherwise remain hidden.“It’s a confronting campaign, but we can’t be afraid to have the difficult conversation,” said Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth.“Unfortunately, LGBTIQ communities are unexceptional in this regard - family violence is real for them too. We need to acknowledge this is happening to LGBTIQ people and we need to address the issue head on.” “LGBTIQ communities can face difficulties accessing mainstream services that do not understand or recognise their experiences of family and intimate partner violence,” said Rainbow Health Victoria Director Marina Carman. “The discussion around family violence is often focused on men’s violence against women, but the Safe Always campaign challenges everyone to consider the diversity of experiences of family violence and the need to strive for respect, safety and support for all people, families and relationships.”The campaign website, safealways.org, provides further insight into LGBTIQ family violence as well as offers guidance around engaging with support services, in particular those with capacity to appropriately support LGBTIQ people.

23 Nov 2023

LGBTIQA+ Communities Walk Against Family Violence

Leading LGBTIQA+ community organisations are calling for collective action and for all Victorians to join Friday’s Walk Against Family Violence — including Switchboard Victoria, Thorne Harbour Health, Transcend Australia, Transgender Victoria (TGV), and Zoe Belle Gender Collective.Heading into the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Respect Victoria is hosting the 15th annual Walk Against Family Violence on Friday 24 November.The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence originated from a petition circulated during the 1991 United Nations World Conference on Human Rights calling on the conference committee to address women’s human rights and recognise gender-based violence as a human rights issue.LGBTIQA+ community organisations are joining the walk to draw attention to family violence experienced by LGBTIQA+ people and emphasise the importance of investing in safe and inclusive services that provide support to all people who experience gender-based and family violence.

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