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Clearing Space for Healthier Relationships

Sometimes our behaviour gets in the way of the relationships we want to be having. Relationships take work, and it’s not always easy. No matter who we love, abuse is never okay.

It takes courage to acknowledge that we want to change.

Are you worried that your behaviour may be hurting your partner or loved ones?

Clear Space is a group for gay, bi, trans and queer men who are looking to change their use of violence in their relationships.

Clear Space will meet online, and support participants to discuss the impacts of their behaviour on themselves, partners and others. Throughout the group program, we will look at ways we might make the changes we need to have the kinds of relationships we want. We will focus on honesty, responsibility and support for making change.

If you’re a gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning man wanting a space to talk about how your behaviour, feelings and beliefs impact your relationships, Clear Space might be right for you.

Contact us on 03 9865 6700 or email clearspace@thorneharbour.org today.

Want to hear more? Thorne Harbour Health's Alyssha Fooks and Vincent Silk recently joined Well, Well, Well on JOY 94.9 to talk about how about LGBTIQ communities experience sexual assault differently.

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