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LGBTIQA+ Communities Walk Against Family Violence

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Leading LGBTIQA+ community organisations are calling for collective action and for all Victorians to join Friday’s Walk Against Family Violence — including Switchboard Victoria, Thorne Harbour Health, Transcend Australia, Transgender Victoria (TGV), and Zoe Belle Gender Collective.

Heading into the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Respect Victoria is hosting the 15th annual Walk Against Family Violence on Friday 24 November.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence originated from a petition circulated during the 1991 United Nations World Conference on Human Rights calling on the conference committee to address women’s human rights and recognise gender-based violence as a human rights issue.

LGBTIQA+ community organisations are joining the walk to draw attention to family violence experienced by LGBTIQA+ people and emphasise the importance of investing in safe and inclusive services that provide support to all people who experience gender-based and family violence.

Family violence is a serious issue and can happen to anyone, including our LGBTIQ+ communities. Family violence takes a multitude of forms, including some that are unique to LGBTIQ+ relationships such as threatening to out a person due to their gender identity, sexuality, or HIV status as a means to harm or control them.

Simon Ruth, Thorne Harbour Health CEO

Switchboard Victoria CEO Joe Ball added, “Family violence impacts us all. Every person deserves to be safe. Every person deserves to be able to flee from violence – whether that distance is measured in kms or in countries. Every person deserves to heal from violence. Every person deserves to be able to tell their story.”

Transcend Australia CEO Jeremy Wiggins said, “Transcend is proud to walk alongside Victorian LGBTIQ+ organisations in the Walk Against Family Violence. As a family support organisation serving families and their trans children, it’s vital to our mission and to the long term improved health outcomes for our trans communities that we work to eliminate family violence and ensure all people can live free from violence and discrimination.”

TGV CEO Son Vivienne added, “Research shows that transgender and gender diverse people are at higher risk of gender-based family violence, with trans people of colour disproportionately impacted. We’re joining the Walk to call for more comprehensive data, reporting, and action to help create a future where everyone is safe, equal, and respected — no matter their gender identity.”

Marshalling for the walk will begin from 10:30AM on the stairs of the Parliament of Victoria on Melbourne’s Spring Street. Official proceedings commence from 11AM with the walk then departing Parliament and proceeding to Carlton Gardens, with an aim to finish between approximately 12:30-1PM. LGBTIQA+ community members are encouraged to look for a rainbow banner with the logos of Switchboard, Thorne Harbour Health, Transcend Australia, Transgender Victoria, and Zoe Belle Gender Collective if they would like to walk alongside them.


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