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28 Jul 2022

The queer First Nations group connecting across state borders

After the last few years of social distancing and disconnection, Ricki Spencer was keen to create a space for queer First Nations people to come together safely.“A lot of it came from my own want to connect to country, and want to connect with other people who are queer and blak throughout Australia,” she said.Ricki is a trans and disability community advocate, and co-facilitator of Thorne Harbour Health’s new Yarning Blak & Queer online group. She worked with First Nations Health Lead Peter Waples-Crowe on the project.“It's been about a year and a half in the making because we wanted to wait for the right opportunity. For some people, it's not safe to come out,” said Ricki.

6 Feb 2024

Navigating Life's Seas with Anchor

Anchor is Thorne Harbour’s newest support group for gay, bi+, and queer men (cis and trans inclusive) who want to change, control, or stop their alcohol use.We sat down with Anchor facilitators George and Lewis to ask them some of the most common questions people have about the group.

29 Feb 2024

ReWired: Unplugging Old Habits, Making New Connections

ReWired is Thorne Harbour Health’s free group support program for gay/bi+/queer men (cis/trans) who want to change their methamphetamine use and manage their mental health.We sat down with ReWired’s current facilitator, Joe and James, to discuss the group and what new participants can expect.

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