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Do you find yourself:

  • Always acting like the 'boss'?
  • Controlling your partner's decisions?
  • Blaming your partner or other factors for making you angry?
  • Finding it hard to express your feelings and then exploding?
  • Hurting your partner, friend or family physically or emotionally?
  • Feeling anxious or confused about your behaviour?
  • Finding yourself constantly apologising for your behaviour?

Then you might be using relationship violence.

ReVisioning, our men's behaviour change program, may help.

ReVisioning is a group where you as a gay, bisexual, or queer man (including cisgender or trans men) can learn about breaking patterns of violent, abusive or controlling behaviours. The group offers a safe environment where you can explore power and control in your relationships and raise your awareness of the effects your behaviours have on others and yourself.

ReVisioning aims to provide information and support, so you are able to challenge yourself to take more responsibility for your behaviours. Together we work to build your confidence and self-control and help you deal with conflict and difficult emotions in your relationships and in other parts of your life without the use of abusive of controlling behaviours.

Call us on (03) 9865 6700 for more information and ask to speak with the duty worker or the Revisioning team.

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