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CEO Update: Melbourne Returns to Lockdown

As several suburbs surrounding Melbourne go back into lockdown, Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth talks about what we can be doing now to stay safe and look after our health and wellbeing.

Full Transcript:

"Hi I’m Simon Ruth, CEO of Thorne Harbour Health.

Since my last message, we’ve seen a lot of progress in Australia’s response to COVID-19, but unfortunately this week we’re seeing several postcodes in Victoria return to lockdown.

We realise this isn’t easy.

Everyone is keen for restrictions to ease so that we can return to life as usual; however, we can’t lose site of the big picture – our health and wellbeing.

If you’re in one of the Melbourne suburbs in lockdown and you need assistance - PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact our Rainbow Connection service.

We have any army of staff and volunteers ready to help – whether you need access to meals or simply could use someone to keep you connected, call us on 1800 961 780.

That was 1800 961 780

Or email: rainbowconnection@thorneharbour.org

For information on our other services, head to the Thorne Harbour website and check out the COVID-19 Services Update for more details.

It’s been a few months since we asked our communities to stop having casual sex, and as you will have seen in today’s media, casual sex can easily spread COVID-19.

Most sex is not possible whilst physically distancing.

And we are aware of police issuing fines to people in adult cinemas and people organising groups through apps.

For ways on how to enjoy sex whilst physically distancing, or how to reduce your risks during sex go to our website ThorneHarbour.org.

At this time, we encouraging everyone to look after their sexual health.

This means:

  • getting a sexual health test if you haven’t had one since COVID started
  • Restart your PrEP if you’ve taken break
  • And use the COVIDSafe app. Particularly if you have no other way of contacting casual contacts.

We know that contact tracing is a highly effective strategy at controlling outbreaks, and the COVIDSafe app has the potential to assist in this process.

We’ve still got a way to go before we see restrictions ease and borders reopen.

Until then, stay safe, seek support, and look after yourself and those around you.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support