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ReWired Adelaide




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Date: Wednesday 17 July, 2024

Time: 6.00p.m. – 7.30p.m.

Address: ONLINE

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ReWired is our free ONLINE group support program for gay, bi+, and queer men (cis and trans) who want to change their methamphetamine use and manage their mental health.

To get the Zoom link, click the sign up button and send us an email with the subject line 'ReWired'.

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What is ReWired?

Saunas, beats, hook ups, apps... it’s a unique world for the queer man.

The idea behind ReWired is to create a space where you feel heard and seen as equals. Making changes to your habits can get pretty lonely. The opposite of addiction is NOT sobriety – it’s connection!

Some people think all you gotta do is get (and stay) sober and you’ll be ok – we know that’s over simplified and not true. Steering clear of tricky situations at the beginning can be a smart move for some, but eventually, we aim to pick up skills to handle the discomfort of triggers and cravings.

In the group we'll do activities and learn about:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Methamphetamine and the brain
  • Sleep and nutrition
  • HIV & sex
  • Mental health and mindfulness

Is it Confidential?
We've made ReWired online so you don't need to participate if you aren't ready. You can listen to the facilitator and other participants share, and turn your mic or camera on when you want to.

You will never be judged at ReWired. Be yourself, share when you're ready, and know you're supported by people who have had or are having very similar life experience

How Do I Sign Up?

ReWired runs every Thursday on Zoom.

For more information, to make a referral or register your interest, please call us today on (08) 7078 4128 and ask about ReWired. Or you can email us at thhsa@thorneharbour.org


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support