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Protection: Open Day & Forum




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Date: Saturday 22 July, 2023

Time: 12.00p.m. – 4.00p.m.

Address: The Laird, 149 Gipps Street, Abbotsford VIC

Register to Attend the Forum

Held in conjunction with the Protection Exhibition on display at The Laird during Thorne Harbour Health's 40th anniversary, the Open Day and Forum is a gender-inclusive event that will explore four decades of HIV prevention and health promotion messaging.

Register to Attend the Forum

HIV prevention has taken many forms over the years - from novel grass-roots initiatives and community action to high-profile campaigns and digital community engagement. This panel discussion will examine the spectrum of HIV prevention and its link to community development and engagement.

As part of the Open Day, we will be hosting a panel discussion and forum from 1-2:30PM, featuring:

  • Bruce Parnell – community educator and activist
  • Chris Gill – activist and originator of the first negotiated safety campaign
  • Colin Batrouney – Director of Health Promotion, Policy and Communications at Thorne Harbour Health

The Open Day is a free event, but spaces for the panel discussion are limited. Please register via Humantix.

Refreshments and food will be provided to attendees. This will be a seated event. 

Please note: The Laird Hotel is a men-only venue (VCAT H14/2022) but the Open Day & Forum is a gender-inclusive event - open to anyone aged 18+.


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