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For many, physical distancing and limiting our contact with others will mean reducing our sexual encounters. If you're not having sex or you've limited to one regular partner, what does this mean for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?


Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) is the use of medication to prevent HIV. By taking PrEP, people who are HIV-negative (meaning they do not have HIV) can reduce the chance of getting HIV by up to 99%. The drugs used in PrEP are also often used in treating HIV.In 2009, a large study showed not only were these drugs effective at treating HIV, but also at preventing HIV when taken every day. Since then, several studies have confirmed that it is incredibly effective at preventing HIV.

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27 Nov 2019

Newsletter - Summer 2020

In the lead up to World AIDS Day 2019, we're releasing our summer newsletter to get you ready for the upcoming silly season.

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Media Releases

27 Mar 2019

Thorne Harbour releases clip explaining on-demand PrEP as HIV prevention strategy

With the recent increase in the community dialogue around on-demand PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy, Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council) has released a video explaining how this alternative dosing option of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) works. PrEP is a highly effective HIV prevention strategy that includes HIV negative individuals regularly taking HIV medication to prevent the acquisition of HIV. Following approval by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration in 2016, PrEP was added to Australia’s PBS in April 2018. While PrEP is typically taken daily to prevent the acquisition of HIV, research has shown that on-demand PrEP is an effective alternative for people who don’t have sex frequently or struggle to adhere to daily dosing. On-demand PrEP includes taking two pills 2-24 hours before a sexual encounter and then a single pill 24 hours later and another 48 hours later. Additional dosing is necessary if you have additional sexual encounters during this 48 hour period. The video from Thorne Harbour explains the process in greater detail. On-demand PrEP dosing is included in the PrEP guidelines released by the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). “We’re seeing an increased interest in using on-demand PrEP among the communities we work with, and it’s incredibly important that people understand how on-demand PrEP works before deciding to use this HIV prevention strategy,” said Thorne Harbour CEO Simon Ruth. “We’re at a point in the epidemic where we’re starting to realise the full potential of biomedical prevention. PrEP, alongside undetectable viral load through effective treatment, is leading the way as the most effective strategy at stopping the onward transmission of HIV.” “With nearly half a million PrEP users worldwide, PrEP is proven to be incredibly effective at preventing HIV. Here in Victoria, we have seen one of the most progressive community conversations around using this tool for HIV prevention,” said Thorne Harbour President Chad Hughes. “We need to keep pace with the communities we serve and ensure we provide them with evidence-based information so they can make an informed choice about looking after their sexual health and wellbeing.”Watch the on-demand PrEP video here.

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