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11 Apr 2019

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

The cooler weather is rolling in and reminding us that the summer festival season is over, but we're keeping busy with an array of activities across the organisation. Check out the latest edition of the newsletter to see what we've been up to. Whether it's supporting the health of women in our LGBTIQ communities or introducing a diverse range of fresh faces to our health promotion campaigns, there's a lot on at the moment. Plus, don't forget to check out the community calendar on the back page for upcoming events.

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29 Mar 2019

Thorne Harbour calls for community to take action against Brunei’s homophobic laws

Thorne Harbour Heath unequivocally condemns Brunei’s adoption of laws that include the barbaric treatment of sexuality and gender diverse people, and calls on the Australian Government as well as the broader community to take swift and decisive action to protect our gender, sex, and sexuality diverse communities. Under the new Brunei laws this includes people being whipped or stoned to death for offences like sodomy, blashemy and adultery. The recent update (27 March 2019) on Australia’s SmartTraveller website advises: “From 3 April 2019 the full sharia penal code (law) takes effect in Brunei. It applies to Muslims, non-Muslim and foreigners even when on Brunei registered aircraft and vessels. Under this code some offences can attract physical punishment while others attract executions.”

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