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Mental Health

Same-Sex Attracted Men in Heterosexual Relationships

Stigma is a tricky beast and an all too familiar one for men experiencing anxiety and/or depression. It gets even more complicated when you add the stigma associated with being same-sex attracted while in a heterosexual lifestyle. DALE aims to reduce this complex stigma and improve the overall health and wellbeing of these men.


Thorne Harbour Country

Thorne Harbour Country provides support, counselling, rapid HIV testing, resources and information around LGBTI wellbeing, HIV, Hepatitis C and sexual health across the Loddon Mallee. Operating out of the Community Hub, Thorne Harbour Country provides a safe place for the LGBTI community to connect and access information resources and referral services.


Peer Workshops

The Peer Education Program offers workshops for the LGBTIQ community that provide a confidential and welcoming environment for participants to socialise while learning more about their sexuality, identity and wellbeing. These workshops are facilitated by volunteer facilitators who are always members of the relevant communities, and have been trained to run activities, encourage participation and discussion, and create a safe and inclusive space for all.

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