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Your Right to Report Violence

Our LGBTIQ+ communities have a very fraught history with police – having been criminalised, subject to extrajudicial violence by officers, and suffered institutionalised prejudice and discrimination within law enforcement. Recent events show that our communities still consistently face hateful vilification from parts of society, and that police responses still often leave much to be desired.

Below are links to several resources to make a complaint about police misconduct or report violence or vilification against our communities:

LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officers (LLOs)

Previously known as GLLOs, LLOs are Victoria Police employees who have volunteered to provide support to LGBTIQ+ community members in addition to their day-to-day duties. Victoria Police has over 450 LLOs.

If you need to engage Victoria Police, but are concerned about homophobia, biphobia or transphobia, or a lack of understanding or sensitivity to your situation, you can request to speak to a LLO, by:

You can find out more information on LLOs at: https://www.police.vic.gov.au/LGBTIQ-liaison-officers


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