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Wherever Sex Happens in South Australia

After a successful run in Victoria, one health promotion campaign has undergone a reboot to feature South Australia locations and remind people to look after their sexual health - Wherever Sex Happens.

SAMESH Team Manager Skye Bartlett talks a little bit about the experiencing of updating and photographing the campaign for a South Australian audience.

What motivated the decision to introduce Wherever Sex Happens in South Australia?

We undertake a lot of community consultations regarding our campaign planning, and there had been a desire for a South Australia-specific campaign. Wherever Sex Happens initially ran in Victoria back in 2010. This has been a great opportunity to refresh a previously successful campaign while featuring some recognisable SA locations.

What is the aim of the campaign?

The aim of Wherever Sex Happens is to reduce the onward transmission of HIV and other STIs during casual sex. The health promotion campaign raises awareness and knowledge around HIV risk as well as prevention strategies including condoms, PrEP, PEP and Undetectable Viral Load.

How has the campaign been tailored for our communities in South Australia?

The campaign imagery features many distinctly South Australian locations such as 'The Malls Balls' - a popular meeting place in Rundle Mall, the Semaphore Jetty, Port Adelaide, and a few  recognisable CBD locations, as well as popular events such as the Adelaide Show and Fringe Festival.

How did you end up becoming the photographer for this campaign? Did you face any challenges putting these images together?

I have a background in fine arts and have worked in photography for several years - mostly portraiture and editorial. Working on a campaign with no figures was challenging but exciting. I shot much of the campaign when Adelaide was at its most vibrant, so finding quiet but recognisable locations was a big challenge. Ironically less than two months after I completed the campaign imagery, Australia went into our first COVID lockdown and Adelaide was deserted.

Why was it important to adapt the campaign for SA?

Everyone wants to recognise themselves in a campaign. It creates a stronger connection with the message. Allowing communities in SA to see familiar places will hopefully encourage them to think about their sexual health.

Has the Wherever Sex Happens website changed?

The website has been completely redeveloped and features up to date sexual health information as well as all of the images from the campaign artwork. Check it out at whereversexhappens.org

Where and when can people expect to see the campaign?

The outdoor campaign started in the beginning of November and is running across metropolitan Adelaide until March. It is also being featured online with direct links to the website.

VISIT Whereversexhappens.org


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