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We’d love to hear from LGBTIQ women about one of our campaigns – take the survey here!

ReThink the Drink is a project that seeks to inspire alcohol culture change among LGBTIQ women in Victorian regional and rural areas. It’s part of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative (ACCI) which is funding nine different projects aimed at reaching groups who engage in risky drinking behaviours.

The first part of our project is the ‘Couldn’t Have Done That with a Hangover’ campaign. This campaign was peer-led and created through a series of community consultations. We went out and spoke with LGBTIQ women in regional areas about the role alcohol plays in their communities and what changes they'd like to make when it comes to drinking. We also asked them what they would like to see in a campaign.

Most women we spoke with didn't want to give up drinking, but they did want to reduce the amount they drank. A lot of women said the dreaded hangover was often a barrier to achieving their goals, and those goals ranged from wanting to start their own business to reducing their motivation to be more physically active.

We would love to hear what you think about the campaign via our survey – your input goes a long way to informing how we continue working with LGBTIQ women.


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