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Monkeypox Updates from the International AIDS Conference 2022 - Well Well Well

Monkeypox at the International AIDS Conference 2022

Jack and Cal discuss what the International AIDS Conference is, what previous conferences have focused on, and what's new this year.

Cal was at AIDS 2022 in Montreal, and he talks about the significant focus that Monkeypox had at the event.

We also hear from AFAO's Acting CEO Heath Paynter and Thorne Harbour Health's CEO Simon Ruth on Australia's response to Monkeypox.

Since this episode was recorded, 450,000 doses of the third-generation Jynneos (AKA Imvamune or Imvanex) Monkeypox Vaccine have been procured by the Federal Government.

Federal Health Minister Mark Butler's media release says the first delivery of roughly 22,000 doses will arrive in the country later this week.

The Victorian Department of Health provides up-to-date health warning information on Monkeypox on their website.


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