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eXiting this IDAHOBIT

In November of 2009, we joined X (then Twitter). During our time on the platform we were able to connect with our communities and share vital health information and advance the conversation around the health and wellbeing of our LGBTIQ+ communities and people living with HIV. But things have changed, and the time has come to move the conversation elsewhere.

From today 17 May 2024, the International Day Against LGBTIQ+ Discrimination – IDAHOBIT, Thorne Harbour will no longer be posting on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

For almost two decades, social media has played a valuable role in supporting our work in advancing the health and wellbeing of our LGBTIQ+ communities and people living with HIV.

However, social media should advance the global conversation and elevate our collective wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we have seen a series of events unfold that has resulted in X becoming an unsafe, and frankly toxic, digital environment.
This includes:

The digital landscape and the all-too-often experiences of online abuse have real-world consequences for our communities. Online abuse can lead to an increased risk of suicide or self-harm for LGBTIQ+ people and our communities are experiencing hate at double the national average.

Plus, the value Twitter once had simply isn't there anymore. X’s plummeting user base and new home feed algorithm makes the platform less valuable and useful, seeing millions leaving the platform.

The community we built can't stay connected with us when the new algorithm does not prioritise content from accounts users follow. Furthermore, the platform's paid subscription model blocks features, limiting opportunities for interaction with our communities, and decreases credibility by allowing imposters to masquerade as prominent people or organisations.

So it's time to move the conversation to safer spaces.

For now, you can still find us @ThorneHarbour on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

On a final note, we have embraced a movement of rapid digitisation over the course of the last two decades like not other time in history. It's been an exciting time that has allowed us to connect with folks from around the globe, but we are also starting to understand the consequences of this change.

We encourage everyone, especially our LGBTIQ+ communities, to take stock of their relationship with social media and the time you're spending online. If it's not serving you or your wellbeing - take a break and unplug.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support