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Dykes on Bikes Rev Up for LGBTIQ Women

For many people in the LGBTIQ community, Dykes on Bikes are known as the loud and proud openers of Pride marches around the world. However, Dykes on Bikes’ contribution to our communities go much deeper.

Enter Pillions for Pride 2019

Dykes on Bikes' mission is to support philanthropic endeavours in the LGBT and women’s communities. As part of that mission, Dykes on Bikes Melbourne runs an annual fundraiser called ‘Pride for Pillions’. Each year raffle tickets are sold and the winner, with a friend, gets to ride on a sponsored trike with Dykes on Bikes to lead Pride March Victoria.

As part of Women’s Health Week 2019, Dykes on Bikes is proud to announce all money raised from ‘Pride for Pillions’ will go to Thorne Harbour Health’s LGBTIQ women’s health programs.

As women, our members know firsthand that LGBTIQ women’s health is not a priority for health care agencies throughout Australia and the rest of the world. As a result, many LGBTIQ women do not seek out help from health and wellbeing experts as they feel excluded from general health care programs.

Jo Bangles, President of Dykes on Bikes Melbourne

“The programs that Thorne Harbour Health are developing are absolutely necessary to engage LGBTIQ women about their own personal health and wellbeing. Understanding what resources are available to us and having programs tackle issues like drug and alcohol dependency, mental health and preventative health care are critical for our community.”

Bangles added that Dykes on Bikes Melbourne is incredibly proud of the work they do within Victoria’s LGBTIQ communities.

“From providing a safe space for our almost fifty members to visiting regional LGBTIQ communities as part of our Visibility Ride series - we are out riding and at events every month. Our Pillions for Pride annual raffle has raised close to $10k in the last four years.”

Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth added, “Dykes on Bikes is an institution. We’re incredibly proud that they’ve chosen to support Thorne Harbour as we work toward better health and wellbeing for women in our LGBTIQ communities.”

To find out how you can support the 'Pride for Pillions' fundraiser, check out Dykes on Bikes Melbourne on Facebook or via their website.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support