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DALE is back!

Ok, so technically DALE never left, but we digress. Have you met DALE? DALE is our online resource for men who have sex with men or are sexually attracted to men but are/have been in long-term relationships with female partners.

Visit DALE

Although DALE has been a bit quiet over the past year, it is being reinvigorated with new personal stories, new forums and new live chats!

DALE is a place where guys can talk, read and share their experiences anonymously with likeminded men. The DALE website is discreet and easy to navigate with likeminded individuals there to offer advice, listen and chat about a broad range of helpful topics from sexual health to dealing with stigma, anxiety or depression around being same-sex attracted while in a heterosexual relationship or lifestyle.

Stigma can be a tricky beast to tame, whether it’s the stigma we place on ourselves or stigma that society places on us. We can feel stigma from a whole range of sources, from the stigma associated with anxiety and depression, to the stigma of having same-sex attraction - especially when you feel like you’re all alone or there is no one to talk to!

DALE is the place for you to find support and share your story. Visit dale.org.au to check out our discreet, anonymous platform. Or contact DALE through dale@thorneharbour.org for more info.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support