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As the summer months get warmer, we’re heading outside. For some, the great outdoors is a great place to search for trade. However, members of the community are reporting incidents of homophobic violence at some Melbourne beats.

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If you’re cruising, stay safe. Men using beats have been targeted in the past as victims of homophobic violence, verbal assault, and theft. Thorne Harbour’s Beat Outreach team are coordinating with Victoria Police GLLO LGBTI Liaison officers to keep our community safe.

10 'Down an’ Dirty' tips to keep safe using beats

  1. Take a cruising buddy, or a partner or let a mate know where you will be.
  2. Check on apps like Squirt, Grindr and Scruff before heading in. Squirt will post warnings of areas known to be unsafe and you can check what other guys think about a new spot.
  3. If you’re visiting a beat at night, swing past during the day first so you are familiar with the lay of the land.
  4. If you do not feel safe at a beat, visit a local sex-on-premises venue.
  5. Concerned about your valuables? Keep your pockets empty and pop you keys in your sock. Stuff your phone in your boot or sock when it’s not in your hand. Leave valuables at home or in the car. Just take what you need.
  6. Carry some lube and condoms.
  7. Listen up - don’t walk around with your headphones in.
  8. Keep it clean - don't leave rubbish or cigarette butts behind.
  9. Consider how easily you can get back to your car or main road
  10. Report any suspicious activity. You can report to a GLLO LGBTI Liaison Officer or Thorne Harbour Health’s Beat Outreach team on 03 9865 6700, and always call 000 in an emergency.

Don't forget: You can report beat violence you’ve seen or experienced anonymously to a GLLO LGBTI Liaison Officer or to Thorne Harbour Health’s Beat Outreach team on (03) 9865 6700 or via downandirty.org

Always call 000 in an emergency.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support