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5 Questions with Timothy Dyke

Thorne Harbour Vice President Dr Timothy M Dyke shares his passion for service delivery, his pointers for aspiring LGBTIQ leaders, and even a bit of leatherwork as he answers our 5 Questions...

Our LGBTI community is made up of a plethora of smaller communities and intersectionalities, how do you identify within these?

I am a gay man who came out later in life. I have lived experience in being in close relationships with people living with HIV and within the rainbow of our communities.

What motivated you to get involved with Thorne Harbour Health?

I was President of the AIDS Action Council in the ACT (now Meridian) and was keen to continue to contribute to both HIV endeavours and wider LGBTIQ+ health when I moved to Melbourne.

Is there any aspect of Thorne Harbour’s work that you’re particularly passionate about?

Firstly, I want to recognise the great efforts that Thorne Harbour staff and volunteers contribute to the success of the organisation.

I’m passionate about offering quality services, support and information. With limited funding, we're unable to offer everything to all of our communities; however, what we do offer should be high quality and useful. Plus, our extensive network with other LGBTIQ+ organisations allows us to refer people on to those services we don't currently offer.

We need to continue our focus on people living with HIV and in HIV prevention. At the same time, we need to continue to expand what we offer to our wider LGBTIQ+ communities — in particular, mental health support and transgender and gender diverse services.

In light of COVID, we now offer online services and support. This allows people in rural and remote areas across Victoria and South Australia to benefit and that is very important to me.

Equally important to me is that sense of community that the organisation offers – that anyone who comes to Thorne Harbour feels they belong and are accepted for who they are and where they are in their life.

When you’re not serving on the Board – what do you get up to?

I am an executive coach, and I work in leadership development and strategic planning across numerous sectors, including the not for profit sector. I am also a consultant in human and animal research ethics and governance, and I chair two ethics committees.

My hobby passion is hand-stitched leatherwork, and I am also a tenor in the Low Rez male choir.

When it comes to leadership - what advice would you give to those LGBTIQ community members keen to step up and take on a leadership role?

I mentor a number of young people in the LGBTIQ+ community who are stepping up and taking on leadership roles. Some small steps are to:

  • Be aware of your strengths and apply them with passion.
  • Seek out someone you respect and ask them to mentor you – many experienced leaders love giving their perspectives to other community members.


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