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5 Questions with Peggy Kerdo

After making her Thorne Harbour Health debut in the recent annual report A Year Like No Other, Paghona "Peggy" Kerdo answers 5 Questions...

Our LGBTI community is made up of a plethora of smaller communities and intersectionalities, how do you identify within these?

I identify as lesbian, first generation Greek-Australian woman. I was born here and my first language in English, but my first culture is Greek.

What motivated you to get involved with Thorne Harbour Health?

I am passionate about primary health care and social justice, with almost 20 years experience in these areas. I wanted to use my particular skills for my community.

Is there any aspect Thorne Harbour’s work that you’re particularly passionate about?

Where to start?! I am passionate about being involved in providing high quality primary health care to the LGBTIQ+ community. I have a particular interest in culturally and linguistically diverse community members as well as older women.

When you’re not serving on the Board of THH – what do you get up to?

I run my own business, a law firm that specialises in immigration law and wills, estates, powers of attorney and advanced care directives. I am also very close to my family and have two exquisite grandchildren. My gorgeous partner and I are very active as well. We have three dogs and love gardening. We get away in Miranda the campervan whenever we can.

You were recently featured as one of the community models in the annual report A Year Like No Other – what was that experience like and as you look back on this past year, what has been some of the highlights for you personally?

I was very honoured to be asked. It was so wonderful to meet the amazing people behind the beautifully vibrant and visual campaigns that Thorne Harbour Health produces. Plus, the photo shoot was a lot of fun.

The highlights of this year for me were:

  • watching how people pull together in a time of fear and crisis
  • feeling the determined mindset of Melbourne as we all buckled down and did our best to get COVID under control – and succeeding!
  • working with Thorne Harbour Health on the Board and making decisions for our community
  • welcoming my grandson Sasha to this world
  • getting closer to my granddaughter Frankie
  • falling in love with an extraordinary woman, despite COVID, lockdown and the ring of steel.


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