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5 Questions with Cassius Adam Armitage

Self proclaimed 'Dr. Dolittle' Cassius Adam Armitage takes a break from running a handful of small businesses in regional Victoria to answer 5 Questions about how he came to join the Board of Thorne Harbour Health...

Our LGBTI community is made up of a plethora of smaller communities and intersectionalities, how do you identify within these?

I present as quintessentially queer/gay male who, like many of my generation, is still learning new ways of understanding and expressing my own true identity. It certainly hasn’t ever been set in stone for my personal journey. My “identity” has morphed over time and I absolutely view it with very fluid eyes. Simply put; I’m somewhere on and in the rainbow spectrum.

What motivated you to get involved with Thorne Harbour Health?

Thorne Harbour has been there for me during some critical episodes of my personal life. The team were incredibly supportive and helpful. As I have progressed through my career, I am currently in a position to spend more time and give back to a community that has supported me immensely - queer karma. Time to give back!

Is there any aspect of Thorne Harbour’s work that you’re particularly passionate about?

Ultimately, I am passionate about people. I joined Thorne Harbour to see how my life skills could support the organisation at a governance level. I live in regional Victoria and I am highly cognisant of the need to have support services and community support for regional people - especially younger people. As we continue the battle with COVID, I will be keen to see how the organisation can continue to help the community.

When you’re not serving on the Board of Thorne Harbour Health – what do you get up to?

Mischief - in a word! When I’m not doing that, my day jobs vary. I own a few small businesses predominantly in landscape design, nursery and a garden centre. I also run a management consultancy which focuses predominantly on helping businesses attain their goals. On a personal basis, I'm known as Dr. Doolittle as I love my 32 feathered, fur, wool and hairy babies!

As we look to the future, what is one hope you have for our LGBTI and PLHIV communities?

I don’t think I could pin it down to one hope. For now, I think to get through the pandemic and enable Thorne Harbour Health to continue to deploy its amazing programs for our LGBTI and PLHIV communities.


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