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Launch of Mpox Pop-Up Clinic in Response to Locally-Acquired Cases

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Recognising the urgent need to avoid the spread of Mpox in Victoria, Thorne Harbour Health will launch an Mpox pop-up clinic, offering free and easy drop-in Mpox vaccinations for all men who have sex with men. The launch of the clinic follows the Victorian Department of Health’s alert earlier this week, notifying the public of three new locally acquired cases of Mpox.

Our communities have a long history of proactively looking after our sexual health, and swinging into action to respond to health alerts. We saw an amazing response when we ran our Mpox clinic before and with Mpox back in the community, now’s the time to do your part and get your first or second dose of the vaccine.

Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth

Two doses of vaccine 28 days apart are required for the best protection against Mpox. Thorne Harbour is strongly encouraging anyone at risk who hasn’t received their second dose of vaccine to drop-in to the clinic.

“The emergence of new locally acquired cases of Mpox underscores the importance of proactive sexual health care and vaccination. Through our pop-up clinic, we are committed to providing our communities the resources they need to protect themselves and their partners, ” said Ruth.

Located at Thorne Harbour Health, 200 Hoddle St, Abbotsford, the clinic will run from 1 - 8pm next Wednesday 8 May. No appointments are required. All sexually active gay and bi+ men (cis and trans) and any of their sexual partners are eligible for free vaccination.

“We know the importance of providing healthcare services for our communities that are led by those same communities. Through the pop-up Mpox clinic, we hope to reach individuals who may face barriers to accessing traditional health care settings and provide them with the support they need to take charge of their health,” said Ruth.

While common symptoms of Mpox can include lesions, rashes, and sores, Mpox can sometimes be confused with other STIs. Thorne Harbour is encouraging everyone to stay on top of their regular sexual health testing and to book an appointment with their local clinic of GP.

Find out more about Mpox.


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