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Thorne Harbour extends support to community following incident at Hares & Hyenas

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Following reports of the police raid at Hares & Hyenas over the weekend, Thorne Harbour Health is reminding the community to seek support during this distressing time.

In the early hours of Saturday 11 May, it has been reported that LGBTI community hub, Hares & Hyenas, was raided by Victoria Police. The police mistakenly arrested LGBTI artist Nik Dimopoulos who sustained serious injuries.

While the incident is now under investigation, Thorne Harbour Health acknowledges that this incident is distressing for many in our LGBTI communities and encourages those who need support to contact the organisation’s Counselling Services. Thorne Harbour Health, in partnership with Lifeworks, will be offering community debriefing for community members effected by the incident.

“Our LGBTI communities have a long and complicated relationship with the police. While we’ve seen some significant progress, an incident like this sets us back,” said Thorne Harbour CEO Simon Ruth.

“This is understandably distressing for many in our LGBTI communities, and support is available for those who need it.”

“Thorne Harbour Health has enjoyed a long-term partnership with both Hares and Hyenas and Nik Dimopoulos. We’re saddened to see such an unfortunate incident take place in what’s meant to be a safe space for so many in our community. We wish Nik a speedy recovery to good health and send our sympathy to Rowland & Crusader in the face of such a distressing time.”

To participate in the Community Debriefing please register your interest with our counselling service by calling (03) 9865 6700 or 1800 134 840 (free call for country callers). If community members are unsure, they’re encouraged to call Thorne Harbour’s counselling service Client Liaison/Duty worker between 10AM-4PM Monday-Friday.

For peer-driven support, community members are also encouraged to contact Switchboard on 1800 184 527 or via webchat at www.switchboard.org.au, available from 3PM - 12AM daily.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support