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Thorne Harbour Country introduces 'LGBTI Q Time' in Bendigo

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Thorne Harbour Country is working with Bendigo Library to launch LGBTI Q Time - a new initiative creating a safe space for community members to ask questions related to gender identity and sexual orientation. Starting this week, Thorne Harbour Country will have a staff member at Bendigo Library from 10AM-12PM on the first Monday of every month.

Based in Bendigo, Thorne Harbour Country is part of Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council) and provides information, counselling, and referrals to health and wellbeing services to LGBTIQ+ people and people living with HIV.

“It is fantastic to see a number of LGBTIQ+ pride festivals underway across regional and rural Victoria, but some people may be hesitant to engage with LGBTIQ+ community pride events or come to see us at our location on Mundy Street” said Thorne Harbour Health Acting CEO Carolyn Gillespie.

“This could be due to previous experiences of discrimination, apprehension about ‘coming out’, or simply being intimidated by all the excitement.”

Damien Stevens-Todd is the Thorne Harbour Country Program Manager.

We’re partnering with Bendigo Library to create a welcoming and safe opportunity for anyone in the community to ask questions, access resources, and discuss their experiences - regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Damien Stevens-Todd

During LGBTI Q Time, a Thorne Harbour Country staff member will be available near the Information Desk at Bendigo Library for people who want to drop in to learn more about LGBTIQ+ communities, to become better allies, to ask questions they may be apprehensive about asking at larger events, or to learn about how to better support their LGBTIQ+ family member, colleague, or friend.

LGBTI Q Time starts on Monday 6 February and will run from 10AM-12PM on the first Monday of every month at Bendigo Library located at 259 Hargreaves Street in Bendigo.


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