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Queer as Fxxk heads into its fourth season June 15th!

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Queer as Fxxk, the Melbourne based gay soap opera aired on Facebook and YouTube is set to kick off its fourth series. The new series promise even more drama and comedy with guest appearances from (the Fabulous) Adam Richard, Denise Scott, Andrea Powell, Cal Wilson, Judith Lucy, and Catherine McClements.
The series follows the lives of four gay housemates, and the dramas they encounter as they meet go out, meet guys, hook up, and negotiate relationships.
Colin Batrouney, Manager of Health Promotion at the VAC/GMHC adds, “The growing popularity of series three of Queer as Fxxk has seen us reach the milestone of almost 3000 fans and over 2000 regular monthly users. Series four has allowed us to further explore the lives of Brendan, Peter, Aaron and Davo in situations that are sometimes tricky, sometimes tragic but at all times (we hope) entertaining. Will Davo and Glen have a baby? Will Peter cope with having HIV? Will Brendo stay with Jack? Will Aaron ever stop being a wanker? And will Brenda ever shut up? We have a number of fantastic guest stars this season and more than one musical interlude, we’ve got dream sequences, dinner party spats, departures, arrivals, blind dates, psychic phenomena and psychiatric assessments – in short, something for everyone!”
The project has also been pushing to become even more accessible. Jason Asselin, Health Educator at the VAC/GMHC working on the project says, “We’ve had several requests from viewers asking for our videos to be closed captioned for the hearing impaired. We’ve been doing exactly that – going through our back library and ensuring all episodes are closed captioned or subtitled. That’s the great thing about the project, we’re able to take the feedback of our viewers and act on it fairly quickly.”
Series four will begin June 15th, on Facebook and YouTube, and fans can follow the series through the new episodes posted weekly. Become a fan of the show on www.facebook.com/QAFxxk.


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