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World AIDS Day takes place annually on December 1st, it is an opportunity to raise awareness around the world about HIV and AIDS, and chance for people to show their support for people living with HIV and remember those who have passed.


Have you ever been near a train station, shopping centre or Melbourne CBD street corner on World AIDS Day? If so, then you've probably noticed our army of dedicated volunteers handing out our signature red ribbons and shaking buckets to raise vital funds to support people living with HIV.

We have been doing our annual street appeal for over 35 years and last year when the pandemic hit we had to think of other ways we could educate people about World AIDS Day and sustain our fundraising efforts.

Book a workplace virtual event
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Thorne Harbour Health have prepared a virtual presentation to be delivered through workplaces which is designed to raise awareness, educate and engage people around HIV & AIDS on this significant anniversary year.

The presentation goes for one hour. We set up the event, create the staff invitation and deliver the presentation to your workplace using zoom (we are happy to use your own virtual infrastructure should this be required). During the presentation, we cover:

  • Introduction to HIV & AIDS
  • A look back (local and global history)
  • What do things look like today?
  • The Red Ribbon
  • Video presentation (hear from someone living with HIV and their personal story. This is usually the most powerful part of the presentation).
  • Questions and close event

To help us continue to support people living with HIV, we are asking organisations receiving the presentation for a donation, in the range of $500 and upwards if possible. All the money we raise goes directly back to supporting people living with HIV through our David Williams Fund.

For more information, contact us at: WorldAIDSDay@thorneharbour.org

Become a workplace champion
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If a virtual presentation is not possible for your organisation, there are many other ways you can support us. These include being a workplace champion and promoting World AIDS Day to your colleagues. Without your support, many would simply not be aware of World AIDS Day and why HIV Still Matters.

If you would like to know more, including being sent some electronic resources, please contact us: WorldAIDSDay@thorneharbour.org

Support people living with HIV
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All the funds we raise for World AIDS Day go directly back to supporting people living with HIV through our David Williams Fund. Sadly, for the second year running we have been unable to run our annual street appeal, which usually generates the bulk of our fund-raising efforts during World AIDS Day.

You can donate to Thorne Harbour to help us continue our work to end HIV or donate to the David Williams Fund here, or learn more about the David Williams Fund.

Download the World AIDS Day App
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The World AIDS Day app offers a virtual way for you to take part and donate this World AIDS Day. The app offers both the global red ribbon as well as the Victorian signature red ribbon. It also offers watch faces and wallpapers in a variety of World AIDS Day inspired designs.

The World AIDS Day app is freely available in App Store and on Google Play, or visit our World AIDS Day App page for more details.


Thorne Harbour relies upon your continued support