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Who are we?
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The Trans and Gender Diverse in Community Health (TGDiCH) Consortium comprises of Thorne Harbour Health, Your Community Health, Ballarat Community Health, and Austin Health. In 2019 the TGDiCH Consortium was successfully funded by the Department of Health and Human Services in the establishment of two multi-disciplinary community TGD health clinics in Preston and Ballarat as well as Thorne Harbour health to lead state-wide evidence-based training in TGD affirmative health care.

What is TGD affirmative health care?
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TGD affirmative care is the practice of actively listening to, learning about, and meeting the needs of trans and gender diverse people using your service. It aims to overcome the negative legacy of historic gate-keeping and stigmatising models of care which have created significant barriers to health access for TGD communities. By embedding TGD affirmative care into our practices, we can overcome the health disparity between TGD people and the broader community and move towards a more equitable and just society for everyone.

What does our project involve?
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Current evidence tells us that access to safe, appropriate, and accessible health care is crucial in order to achieve health equity for trans and gender diverse people. Our training program consists of a variety of training packages created to improve TGD sensitivity, reduce stigma and discrimination, and build the health sector’s capacity to meet the needs of TGD Victorians.

The program has been co-created with trans and gender diverse people and medical professionals of a variety of backgrounds and professions, and is designed to adapt to different delivery methods and contexts. Training modules are tailored to their specific audience, including sector-specific knowledge for GPs, specialists, nurses, allied health, pathology and reception staff.

Our Trainers
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We’re proud of our team of TGD-identified trainers who draw upon a wealth of knowledge from both their TGD and health service provider communities:

Dr Julian Grace

Our Lead Trainer is Dr. Julian Grace, a qualified Osteopath (BHlthSc, BAppSc) currently practicing at the Equinox multidisciplinary health clinic and working closely with GPs, nurses, and other professionals. He is also an experienced educator, both in tertiary biomedical science education and freelance facilitation.

Ren Grayson

Ren Grayson is the Project Manager for the TGDiCH Training program. Ren is an experienced senior youth and family worker, project manager, team leader and educator specialising in effective and inclusive LGBTIQ service provision and trans, gender diverse and non-binary (TGD&NB) health and community development. Ren has worked extensively within the Victorian youth, community services sector and LGBTI sector coordinating projects focusing on mental health, alcohol and other drugs, youth and families, suicide prevention, capacity building, education and training.

As well as our TGD trainers, the project is collaborating with allies who are experienced practitioners in their fields. This includes endocrinologists, general practitioners, surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, speech pathologists, and a broad selection of experts from across the health care sector.

What training formats do we offer?
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Our TGD affirmative practice training has been designed to be highly adaptable to the varying needs of different contexts within the health care sector. Depending on the needs of the recipient, our program can provide:

- Workshops

- Lectures

- Webinars

- Clinical Placements & Observerships

- Online Training Modules

- Resource Kits and Reading Lists

- Telehealth

- Secondary Consultation and Supervision

- Conference Presentations

Our training can be delivered at our location in St Kilda or externally at a location which suits you – and we are particularly enthusiastic about delivering training in regional and rural areas around Victoria. Additionally, training can be provided free of charge for eligible health professionals. If you have a particular training format in mind, speak to us about your needs and we can collaborate on a training format that works for you.

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