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Since 2013, PRONTO! has been helping men who have sex with men look after their sexual health and wellbeing by offering free rapid HIV testing as well as sexual health screenings and services.

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PRONTO! is our peer-led service conveniently located at 175 Rose St in Fitzroy (co-located with Equinox).

From the moment you walk in the door, you'll find PRONTO! isn't what your typically sexual health service. PRONTO! is a safe and comfortable community space just off Smith Street.

PLEASE NOTE: PRONTO! is adapting the Peer Testing service model in response to COVID-19. Modified HIV and STI testing services will resume on Monday 1 June. Regular testers will notice changes that are being introduced to ensure everyone can be tested safely.

Administrative changes:

  • Until physical distancing restrictions are eased, appointments will be reduced to 15 minutes.
  • All clients will be asked to wear a surgical mask and to sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • If appointments require longer than 15 minutes, the peer tester will put on a surgical mask. Please don’t take this personally!
  • We will be emailing you an information sheet detailing the tests being offered, answers to frequently asked questions, general sexual health prevention information and referral information to frequently requested support services.
  • We will continue to ask that you to fill in our standard electronic behavioural survey. A link to the survey website will be emailed, allowing you to complete it on your own device.

Testing changes:

  • We are only offering HIV serology (blood) tests, not rapid finger prick tests. Rapid tests take 20 minutes to process and will be re-introduced again in the future, post COVID-19. This will mean that your HIV serology result will return from the lab with your other STI results. You will not be contacted for negative results unless they need re-collection or if there are lab delays
  • Patients will be asked to self-collect their STI specimens including oral and anal swabs and first pass urine. Don’t worry, our peers will explain how this done!
  • If you have any sexual health questions or need referrals to support services and we are short of time, our peers can arrange a phone call later to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

What hasn’t changed:

  • We will only contact you about results if they are positive, need re-collecting, or if there are delays in the lab. If you haven’t heard from us after 10 days, all of your test results are negative.
  • We are only offering testing services to asymptomatic (no symptoms) clients. If you are the contact of a person recently diagnosed with an STI, or if you have symptoms, you need to book in to see a GP. Our peer testers cannot provide treatment. To book in for treatment services, please book an appointment with 'PrEP Dr' in our online booking system or call reception on (03) 9416 2889
  • If you have taken PrEP or PEP at any time in the last 28 days, you will need to see your prescribing doctor for HIV and STI testing.

PrEP Access and STI Treatment Services

Our PrEP GP clinic continues to operate on site and via telehealth on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Bulk billed Telehealth appointments are available and privately-billed telehealth services are available to non-eligible patients. Face-to-face appointments are available for clients that are symptomatic and require STI testing and treatment. To book in for STI treatment, select 'PrEP Dr' on our online booking system or call reception on (03) 9416 2889

Our bulk billed PrEP Nurse Practitioner (NP) clinic operates most Saturdays.. Privately-billed services are available to non-eligible patients. Telehealth and face to face appointments can be booked for clients that are symptomatic and require STI testing and treatment. To book, please call reception on (03) 9416 2889. This service cannot be booked on line.

All clients with cold or flu symptoms must delay testing until all symptoms have cleared.

We encourage all clients to follow our Facebook page for updates on service changes.

For more info, give PRONTO! a call on (03) 9416 2889.


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