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The Bent Spoon is so much more than a cooking show - it is a platform where we get to tell our own stories and share about our culture, through food.

The Bent Spoon is an online series that aims to connect us with one another, whilst honouring our cultural traditions and recognising the diverse backgrounds we all have. What better way to do this than through the sharing of food, thus the online series, The Bent Spoon was formed.

Food has always played a part in our cultural traditions. Food can bring you comfort, it can tell a story, bring people together, or it can take you home. Food is how we share our culture with the rest of the world.

We wanted to showcase the diverse cultures and first Nations communities in Australia, so we asked these communities if anyone wanted to share their cooking flare.

Each episode features a different guest, showcasing the diverse cultures and First Nations communities in Australia and from across the globe, sharing with us a traditional dish from their culture.

Miss Katalyna

Meet your host, Miss Katalyna, who will be taking us on this delicious journey!

Meet the Cooks

The Bent Spoon Cooks
The Bent Spoon Food

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