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The Positive Living Centre (PLC) is a vibrant and safe environment for all people living with HIV. The PLC's main aim is to enhance the health and well-being of HIV positive people, through the provision of social, emotional, recreational, and skills-based services and activities. Many services are provided free-of-charge and are delivered by a range of skilled facilitators, staff, and volunteers.

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Complementary therapies are health care treatments that supplement conventional medicine. They focus on improved health and wellbeing and strengthening the immune system. The Positive Living Centre offers a range of therapies. Bookings are required for massage appointments.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is the manipulation of superficial muscles and tissues and is provided by a qualified massage therapist. Massage promotes wellbeing and relaxation and can improvement movement or reduce pain and soreness in particular areas of the body.


Yoga is a system of breathing exercises, postures and meditation. The name is a Sanskrit word meaning 'union', and the practices are designed to achieve the union of mind, body and spirit.

Exercise Activities

Activities are offered at the Positive Living Centre and supervised by trained professionals. They include:

  • Muscles and curves classes: general exercise suitable for beginners and those with more experience
  • Pilates: a low impact, relaxing exercise to build up core muscles and reduce back pain and trim waistline
  • Tums and bums classes: high-energy exercise focusing on fitness and strength in a group environment.

Contact us

Phone: (03) 9863 0444 or 1800 622 795 (free call for country callers)

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Grow @ the Positive Living Centre

GROW is a national organisation that provides a peer supported program for growth and personal development to people with a mental illness and those people experiencing difficulty in coping with life’s challenges.

GROW is designed for people to take back control of their lives, overcome obstacles and start living a life full of meaning, hope and optimism.

In a small group setting, GROW offers the opportunity for people to share challenges and solutions for recovery in a supportive and structured way.


  • Enhance a sense of wellbeing
  • Reduce the sense of isolation and aloneness
  • Assist with practical strategies for living more fully
  • Discuss life challenges in a peer based supportive environment.

A GROW group for HIV positive people is held at the Positive Living Centre every Friday between 1-3pm. Each meeting goes for 2 hours, followed by time to chat over refreshments.

New members are most welcome. For more information please contact one of the Client Support Team at the PLC on (03) 9863 0444.


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Naturopathy focuses on natural remedies and the body's ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopaths offer dietary and lifestyle advice and will often prescribe herbal medicines, vitamins and mineral supplements. Naturopathy can successfully minimise some of the side-effects of drug therapies used in HIV treatment.

Our naturopath offers consultations at the Positive Living Centre. He has many years experience treating people living with HIV and an excellent knowledge of the naturopathic treatments specific to HIV.


We also offer a Vitamin supply service, providing high potency supplements that our naturopath (or your own) can recommend.

Contact us

Phone: (03) 9863 0444 or 1800 622 795 (free call for country callers)

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Our Nutritional Services Program offers two services at the Centre.


We offer meals as a nutritional and social service to our clients. Our meals balance taste with nutrition and variety.

  • Brunch: every day the Centre is open
  • Lunch: Tuesdays at 12.30pm until 2.00pm
  • Dinner: Thursdays at 6.00pm until 7.30pm


The pantry services provides low cost nutritious food items including packaged goods, frozen and fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. It is open every second week and is available to those with a health care card.

  • Tues: 11.30 to 3.30pm
  • Wed: 11.30am to 3.30pm
  • Thurs: 11.30am to 7.30pm
  • Fri: 11.30am to 3.30pm

Please check the PLC Schedule for the weeks Pantry is available or contact us on (03) 9863 0444.

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The Positive Living Centre collaborates with two employment agencies for clients who wish to look for work. Both WISE Employment and WorkingOUT are services that can assist you if you are interested in employment or training.


SensWide Employment’s WorkingOUT is the first Australian Government endorsed employment program supporting the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex communities. The project was designed to support the specific needs of LGBTI-identified people with disabilities, mental health conditions and disadvantages, however, our experienced consultants are happy to provide employment, education and training advice to anyone from these communities.

The team will aim to provide a tailored program to meet your individual needs and will look at areas such as:

  • Career counselling
  • Training options to fill skill gaps
  • Job search techniques and preparation for interviews
  • Preparing a professional resume
  • Direct marketing where we will introduce you to potential employers

What defines WorkingOUT from other employment services is that they can provide a safe space for you to come in and talk about issues that may be holding you back in your current job or finding a new job.

One of the SensWide WorkingOUT team will be at the Positive Living Centre on a regular basis. Please check the PLC Schedule for times. You don’t need an appointment, just come along for chat.

Alternatively, call SensWide on (03) 8620 7155 for an obligation free chat. There is no cost for these employment services.

Potential clients must meet Centrelink requirements.

WISE Employment

WISE's Disability Employment Services assist people with a disability to obtain and maintain award wage employment within the open labour market. WISE believes people with a disability can successfully work for full award wages if they are given appropriate job matching and support.


  • To assist HIV positive clients receiving a Centrelink benefit back into the work force in a supportive and client focus way.
  • To facilitate the relationship between the client and Centrelink during any workplace transition thereby reducing anxiety and concern
  • To excite the client to the possibility of discovering enjoyable, and validating employment to supplement, or to become independent of Centrelink benefits.
  • That this process fosters support and encouragement in pace with the client capacity and desires.

A WISE Employment consultant will be visiting the Positive Living Centre monthly, providing an opportunity to talk with a consultant to assess your situation. Please check the PLC Schedule for times.

For more information please contact the Positive Living Centre on (03) 9863 0444 or WISE Employment directly on (03) 9529 3688.


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The Client Care and Support services offered at the Positive Living Centre aim to provide care that is responsive to people living with HIV and reflects the diverse underlying determinants of health. Our community-based model of care supports capacity building to promote health and wellbeing. The PLC aims to provide targeted services, particularly to disadvantaged populations. This may include those with:

  • Poorest health
  • Greatest economic and social needs
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Housing issues
  • Issues of grief and loss
  • Issues of social isolation

The Client Care and Support Team at the PLC focus on assessment, goal setting, evaluation and external referral. The cornerstone of service delivery and support for the clients is based on the Psychosocial Community Principles, which include:

  • Flexibility of structure and service models
  • Non-obligatory attendance
  • Support for mobility and choice of service options
  • Active participant involvement in services
  • Support for participant decision-making
  • Concentration on quality of relationships and interactions between participants and staff
  • Encouragement of peer support
  • Responsiveness to participants' needs
  • Provision of most 'normal' environment
  • Effective psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Utilisation of a broad range of skills

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