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COVID-19 Policing

With the current state of emergency and various restrictions in place, some LGBTI people are unsure of their legal rights and what to do if they're fined or charged under new laws associated with COVID-19.

If you're:

  • fined or charged under COVID-19 laws;
  • stopped and questioned by police for being outside; or
  • treated unfairly or targeted by police

You can contact the Fitzroy Legal Service on 0434 136 501 for free legal advice and information (9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday) and can make a report at covidpolicing.org.au. This is a free service for people who live in Victoria.

Make a COVID Policing Report

LGBTIQ Legal Service

The LGBTIQ Legal Service is also here to help LGBTIQ people living in Victoria with many legal problems, such as:

  • Accessing Centrelink
  • Employment issues
  • Discrimination
  • Police complaints
  • Health complaints
  • Family violence
  • Infringements

If you or someone you know needs help please get in touch by emailing lgbtiqlegalservice@skls.org.au or by calling/texting 0490 086 090 to arrange a phone or video appointment.

For legal information about common legal issues resulting from COVID19, see these resources created by Justice Connect: https://justiceconnect.org.au/help/covid19/

To report issues around unfair Policing and COVID19, please see the Police Accountability Project’s new website: https://covidpolicing.org.au/

Visit LGBTIQ Legal Service Website


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