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COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Australian Government has announced that everyone in Australia will be offered a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine they offer will be voluntary and free.

Last Updated 28 May 2021.


COVID-19 vaccines are currently being delivered through a number of state-run vaccination clinics, hospital hubs, GP respiratory clinics, and General Practices that meet specific requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, none of our clinics (including Centre Clinic, PRONTO! & Equinox) are vaccination sites. We will update this page when that changes.

Not sure if you're eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine yet? Use the Vaccine Eligibility Checker below.

Vaccine Eligibility Checker

The annual influenza vaccine rollout is underway. Keep in mind that people will need to wait 14 days between having the flu shot and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Australian COVID-19 vaccination program will work in phases. It will begin with priority groups including:

  • aged care and disability care residents and workers
  • frontline healthcare workers
  • quarantine and border workers.

This priority group is also known as “Phase 1a”. The following priority group for vaccination is “Phase 1b” including:

  • Elderly adults aged 80 years and over
  • Elderly adults aged 70-79 years
  • Other health care workers
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults
  • Critical and high risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing
  • Adults with a disability who have a specified underlying medical condition
  • Adults with a specified medical condition

For adults with a medical condition, people will need to provide proof of these conditions to demonstrate their eligibility for vaccination. This can include:

  • A Phase 1b declaration form
    • NOTE: Using this form is preferable to other forms of evidence because the form does not require someone to disclose the condition that puts them into the eligibility category.
  • A referral from a treating GP or specialist
  • A My Health Record
  • Your regular GP clinic’s records
  • Other medical records including medical history printouts, a chronic disease care plan, a hospital discharge summary or a valid script for medication prescribed for one of the relevant conditions.

Adults living with HIV are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as part of “Phase 1b”.

Following Phase 1, Phase 2a priority groups will include:

  • Adults aged 60-69 years
  • Adults aged 50-59 years
  • Continue vaccinating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults
  • Other critical and high risk workers
  • Adults aged 40-49 years

Phase 2b will include the remainder of the adult population in Australia.

Children (people under the age of 16) will only be vaccinated if recommended by health officials in what will be Phase 3.


There are a lot of questions being asked in our communities about the COVID-19 vaccines – including their efficacy against new strains and whether people who have had COVID-19 still need to get vaccinated. The Australian Department of Health has pulled together answers for many of these questions. Check them out and consider sharing this resource when you see misinformation in online forums like social media.


The Australian Department of Health website offers extensive information about the rollout of vaccinations including considerations for people with disabilities and First Nations people. Head to: https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines

You can also contact the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline

1800 020 080 - This number operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also contact them online with your COVID-19 vaccine enquiries: https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines/covid-19-vaccine-enquiries


The Australian Department of Health website offers information about vaccinations in a number of other languages: https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines/covid-19-vaccine-information-in-your-language


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